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2019. Ukraine (Kyiv, Chernobyl)

Independence square, Kyiv Independence Monument Sea buckthorn tea! Borsch Chicken Kiev Elena Welcome to your nightmare (Gorodetsky House) Petit-beurre house Sirniki are love This one is called "Red University Building". I shit you not. Opera Yaroslav the Wise "Pharmacy - Solutions to big and small problems". To me that reads like you're trying to get rid of your wife and kid, but ok. St. Sophia's Cathedral Presidential Administration of Ukraine "Do you like this movie?" - "Yep" Zalissya village Chernobyl Blow your trumpets, Gabriel The road to nowhere Duga radar Megatomb over Reactor 4 I wonder what kind of household is there just next to the reactor? Entering Pripyat Soda vending machine Gotta catch them all And this is why you shouldn't go inside buildings in Pripyat (this collapsed less than a year before the photo was taken) Music school Prometheus cinema KBO! Nuclear complex Carnival of Flesh was here Cry. School's out Pls pet (the radioactive puppers of Chernobyl) ЗОЖ burger Hotel Salute The monument to Ivan Mazepa Monument to Unknown Soldier Holodomor Genocide Museum Welcome to Silent Hill You can tell it's shot with a phone as bokeh is randomly missing in the middle. The Motherland Monument Prepping for Батюшка gig Kiev Pechersk Lavra Micro salo Borsch, salo and whatever Elena's having Khachapuri, golubci Ukranian bride, foreign groom. Awkwardness through the roof. The tree of Ukraine Friendship of Nations Arch Dnieper river and veeeeery long exposure Just your regular black metal gig Gru - Vetrenjače Jata moja crna This wouldn't fly in an English-speaking country Amsterdam's on fire