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2019. Sweden (St. Anna, Gryt, Norrköping)

Slavic people, rejoice Trying out traditional Swedish cuisine Tiny hotel room has weights? Optimistic. Pack the essentials and follow me. A sassy couple. About as dark as it gets Mario Rob Doug & Brittany Tonya & Kristina Pontus pointing at things Diane Not a lighthouse We are following the will of the one. Through the dark age and into the storm. Existential burrito time "You can't climb that" Welcome to "Cooking with Rob" Hot potato water Luxurious beach bar Some cheesy desserts Me appreciating our group's packing skills - Friend? - No, go away. Harstena has a fairly strict house colour-scheme I love everything about this sign... ...including the fact that it points here What do you mean "Ice cream is not protein"? Long lenses are weird Brittany being a happy camper Me being a happy camper Rob being a happy camper Doug being a happy camper Mario being a happy camper Justin not necessarily being a happy camper Kristina channelling Melisandre Scandinavian Synthwave Prepping the camp for the storm Whittling spoons to earn dinner. Times are harsh in Sweden. Welcome to Matts MB: Švedsko a naše Kubb gets involved very quickly SMK DJ set Jungle volleybal My spoon (with ergonomic handle) served me well Norrköping "Is Pontus a common name in Sweden?" A statue of a Balkans man? De Geergymnasiet City Library Drottninggatan Hörsalsparken Drottninggatan Norrköpings kommun, Rådhuset Face in the mirror, what have you done? Keeping it healthy