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2019. Croatia (Rijeka, Plitvice)

There's nothing Dutch about those Dutchballs... BRING ON THE CARBS If you don't take this type of photo, your holiday is annulled Spirulina smoothie, because hipsterism Public library of Rijeka Governor's Palace / Maritime museum Cathedral of St. Vitus Čobane, vrati se Just imagine naming your startup the slang term for heroin. Well, these guys did it. TNMT Lekker weertje, hoor Volosko Opatija You shall not pass Some gymnastic required... order to take a shot like this... ...and not like this. Blok45 reprezent Pokojni Dragiša Za PlitviĆe spremni Plitvice lakes Let's see the seksie refleksie Keep it vague Sir Digby Chicken Caesar Na Lovrincu Kriza identiteta Seta First 1GB HDD My first computer My second computer (1200) Ljubi vas nebeski crnjo Misspelt ćevapčići + some curious meatballs Gurmanska Carnival of Beer ~1,000 kCal Rijeka Il airporto grande