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2016. Russia (St. Petersburg)

U meni s barbikom Kazan Cathedral St. Isaac's Cathedral Bronze Horseman Kunstkamera Prosperity intensifies St. Petersburg Stock Exchange The Flying Dutchman centre Trinity Bridge & River Neva Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder Saint Petersburg Mosque Temple of Holy Trinity grace.tar.gz Church of the Savior-on-Blood Russian Museum "Shag & Shopping" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Street advertising lvl>9000 My first Lenin.jpg Finland Railway Station Drinking Nevskoe on river Neva, because I can Marble Palace St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture Çukulata Эстетика ебеней How many proletarians does it take to adjust an antenna? Hermitage Russian Imperial Stout from Russia. Hell yeah. When you forget to remove seasonal decorations for ~20 years Trinity Cathedral Peterhof Shh, only dreams now Gloves of metal rule tonight Night at the neon disco Ermahgerd Who's a good boy? Murray When mushrooms kick in, where will you be? Russian for 1389 Excuse me, what year is it again? "Gastronomic shop Vegan's Nightmare" Russian National Library Russian words are funny in Serbian, part 7