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2016. Kyrgyzstan

"Our beer" in Serbian and/or Russian Veče sa Ivanom Gavrilovićem Przewalski's Museum, Karakol Karakol city centre Issyk-Kul lake Amy Gulnoza Tündük, the Making bentwood for a yurt Drying felt, for a yurt Building a yurt Pro tip: Yurt decorations can be used as beard decorations Wild camels Kočkor region Gary Beating the shit out of felt Unsurprisingly, this has nothing to do with Serbian kajmak Photo by Gary Arndt Traditional nomadic yurt Rainbow over Song Köl lake Elisa and Hannah Cath pretending to be a lampshade Guli, Andrew, Silvio Hello MTV Kyrgyzstan, I am Ghenghis and welcome to Yurts Photo by Gary Arndt The honeymoon yurt Photo by Gary Arndt Photo by Gary Arndt Photo by Gary Arndt Song Köl lake Polish flag simulator Burana Tower and a grave marker Burana Tower Grave markers, holding a cup containing the owner's soul Older, stone grave markers Ne serite. Victory square, Bishkek Across the street from the main square: abandoned socialist megastructure National circus Revolution militants square Kurmanjan Datka, the queen of Kyrgyzstan who had it annexed to Russia Marx & Engels Kyrgyz Republic Government Lenin State history museum Ala-Too square Stella of Friendship of Nations Monument of revolution Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic Protest in front of the parliament Cinema Russia Kožomkul, the Kyrgyz warrior who carried his injured horse on his back Grownup shopping "Mega bite" Goodbye to Max, our local guide