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2015. South Korea

Thought I was going to be late for the plane, ordered a car, arrived early, had a beer, still had plenty of time left Were there no internet, I wouldn't make it very far The train has a bloody progress bar! Cheonggyecheon Waterfall "Spring" Jongno Tower Jongno Tower Bosingak Insa-dong Propane grills on top of plastic tables? No problem! Ending the first evening by drinking in front of the supermarket. Not bad. Jogyesa Temple Gyeongbokgung Palace Change of guards @ Gyeongbokgung Palace Gyeongbokgung Palace Haechi Throne hall A recently built building in Japanise style, because tourism Apparently, my spirit animal The commie sheep My highlight of the National Folk Museum of Korea Insa-dong Bulgogi Kimchi and some less important stuff Bukchon Bukchon The view from N Tower is not so impressive during the day Home? That way. N Seoul Tower Dongho-ro DongDaemun Design Plaza DongDaemun Design Plaza Design pathway I remember buying this for a friend. Now it's art, apparently. I, too, appreciate simple snacks. Myeongdong Cathedral Myeongdong Cathedral N Seoul Tower A beautiful logo. No idea what for. The Blue House drive-by The Peace Bell (DMZ) Србија до Сеула (преко Пјонгјанга) The north-most South Korean train station; intended to be used once passenger trains start going to North Korea. The route to Kaesong in DPRK The best view of North Korea I had this time. South Korea is not immune to things written in stone, either. Spicy... Something... Stew Namdaemun Namdaemun Market War Memorial of Korea Inside War Memorial of Korea RIP UN "Only Yugoslavia voted No" "Future warrior" AKA "We ripped this one off a video game" The Peace Clock Tower Brothers at war Pong Dang Espresso Stout Heretic Chocolate Hazelnut Porter The Booth Brewery Epic exhibition at Seoul train station KTX Bullet Train Similar architecture as in North Korea, where you get more side-dishes than your main dish Seokguram Grotto Gyeongju Dat dragonball Methüll Bulguksa Closed on Mondays. Guess which day this photo was taken on. The staff spoke no English as well. Kimchi-guk Anapji Anapji Noraebang Yangdong Village Gameunsa Underwater tomb of King Mummu Mandatory #beachselfie Haeundae Beach, Busan The Mermaid of Dongbaekseom Gwangan Bridge CVs for you? Recruitment solved! The best kind of bar to have in your hotel Samgyetang Beondegi Asahi Dry Black Dana Donggwang-dong, Busan Busan na vodi Changseondong il-ga, Busan Gukjesijang market One for my Swedish friends Jagalachi fish market Lotteria... unsurprisingly tastes like any other generic fast food Beomeosa temple stay Jenna Harry, Malin Kevin, Dana, Kassi June, Leanne, Ian, Robert Jenna, Steven Trippin' balls off meditation? Don't mind if I do. Fusion kitchen, teryaki beef Saeyeongyo Bridge Saeyeongyo Bridge Seogwipo, Jeju One for the road A very weird selection of side dishes and snacks Jeju black pork Jeju black pork Apparently it's never too early for Christmas decorations (September) I did feel hugged. If you would summarise our group in one photo Seongeup folk village Seongeup folk village Art progression in three statues: prehistoric, naive, post-modern Jeju black pork Seopjikoji All-in house Seopjikoji OF FLESH A view from Seongsan Sunrise Peak Seongsan Sunrise Peak Troll-face The full troll Svartir sandar? More like brúnn. Svartir sandar tropical heat edition The unavoidable #beachselfie Manjanggul lava cave Barley bread. Quite interesting. Sangumburi crater Cheonjiyeon waterfall Sanbangsan Mountain Sanbangsan Mountain The yellow submarine Mara-ro (left) and Gapa-ri (right) — the south-most islands of Korea Welcome to Love Land (mildly NSFW content follows) "Terminator" Czech beer van in Korea! Ending as we started — drinking in front of the corner-store Gangam, Seoul Police busses are everyhwere in Seoul Pretty darn good pizza @ Mr.Pizza, Hongdae Mint slushie or something Thanks Nature Kitchen AKA Hongik University Ahh, feels like home The (closed on Sundays) Metal place of Seoul Hongdae A final look onto Cheonggyecheon Self-driving airport train of the future! Double-decker plane, take me home