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2014. DPRK

A bridge to nowhere The first thing we saw on the DPRK soil The first sighting of the Great Leaders Pyongyang railway station Arc de Triomphe Nieuwbouw / 2013 Kim Il Sung Square Kim Il Sung Square Yanggakdo Hotel Yanggakdo Hotel Mansudae fountain park Mansudae grand monument Mansudae grand monument Cholima Ryonguang Pavilion Daedong gate Kim Il Sung Square Juche tower Blow your trumpets, Gabriel Korean Fatherland Liberation War Museum First sighting of Ryugyong Hotel Korean Fatherland Liberation War Museum USS Pueblo Inside USS Pueblo Interesting desgin "It's not oil, it's soup" Daedonggang beer Reunification monument Ulim waterfall Ponghak beer Ponghak beer Sinhugsan Hotel (Hamhung) Donghungsan Revolutionary Site Donghungsan Revolutionary Site Hamhung theater HamJu Cooperative farm HamJu Cooperative farm kindergarten King's House, Hamhung 70cm Hungdam fertilizer factory Hungdam fertilizer factory Mind the years (54 Juche = 1965 - everyone has their own Jesus) Apparently, Windows XP is not imperialist enough The national car Unusual beer glass Majon guest house Majon guest house Wonsan agricultural university Wonsan agricultural university The Great Leader stood here for a photo Wonsan square Wonsan park Wonsan park Mini mes Miss Yu popping out of the painting Wonsan Revolutionary Site Wonsan Revolutionary Site Severnokorejski žuti sok Mt. Gumgang Mt. Gumgang Gumgangsan Hotel Samil (3 days) lagoon Samil (3 days) lagoon GuRyong waterfall Snake wine, DPRK edition Čiča Glišin dalji rođak FOR THE GLORY OF SATAN Happy bacon Mt. Suyang waterfall We might not have glasses, but we have ingenuity Mt. Suyang waterfall Newlyweds @ Haeju Buyongdang Haeju Buyongdang Sokdam valley Sariwon folk park Hello me, meet the real me First king's tomb replica Sariwon ONE Korea Panmunjom (DMZ) Kim Il Sung's last signature DMZ / Looking at South Korea DMZ / The exact border Negotiation bunker, DMZ If you look closely, you'll notice that I took this photo from the South Korean soil DMZ / North Korean building DMZ / South Korean building Dog soup Koryo museum Know your price Hello me, it's me again Print / letter press Replica of the insides of first Koryo king's tomb Tomb of 31st king of Koryo dynasty Pyongyang Pyongyang Brewery / beer bar in Pyongyang Brewery / beer bar in Pyongyang Brewery / beer bar in Pyongyang Shopping mall / Pyongyang It's a bit dark at night... Gumsusan Palace of the Sun (Mausoleum) Gumsusan Palace of the Sun (Mausoleum) Gumsusan Palace of the Sun (Mausoleum) Miss Yu Kimilsungia and Kimjongilia flower exhibition Kimjongilia Kimilsungia Kimilsungia Kimjongilia Monument to party foundation Mangyongdae (birthplace of Kim Il Sung) Mangyongdae (birthplace of Kim Il Sung) Family photo Moran hill Moran hill / people BBQing Winter sports palace, VIP lounge of the circus Circus Ryugyong Hotel Kim Il Sung square, lit up for Kim Il Sung's birthday Juche tower For the second time bowling in my life, I thing I did decent (was not last) My attempt to capture the infamous solid fuel truck International Friendship Exhibition Rakbaek beer Bohyon Buddhist Temple Mt. Myohyang He really wanted to take a photo with me They asked to be photographed How it looks like with some camera trickery How it really is Local ciggs made with US tobacco? ...ok Route, part 1 Route, part 2 Baeksongri Revolutionary Site Baeksongri Revolutionary Site (university during the war) Foodstuff factory Kim Jong Suk secondary school - the daily athletics Kim Jong Suk secondary school / English class All of the following are one lunch. Starter: eggs Mushrooms Hotdogs Dumplings Beef in some nice sauce Fried potatoes Cucumber salad National dish with rice, soup, vegs Corncob Chicken soup Dessert: apple slice Metro station To get to station X from here, follow this route Pyongyang metro Film studio Mangyongdae school children's palace Juche tower Juche tower All-in-one Duck BBQ "Chicken" "burger" The infamous Air Koryo Beijing, China Lama temple, Beijing, China Lama temple, Beijing, China No love for time travellers