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2013. Vietnam

Who wants to be a millionaire? District 1, Ho Chi Minh City A&B Tower Quảng Trường Quách thị Trang UBND thành phố Hồ Chí Minh (People's Comitee building) Opera Notre Dame Cathedral War museum ...shit brix Reunification Palacemore Spy camera Financial tower Củ Chi Tunnels, tourist entrance Bamboo trap Air vent masked as termite colony The real Củ Chi Tunnel entrance One of Củ Chi Tunnels Fried rice with ham and egg in pineapple 'twas a bit rainy Snake Wine: Origins Gordana Marijana Nataša Cồn Phụng (Coconut religion) Holy smokes "Are they real?" Cavewoman Durian Most na Adi x2 Eye of newt Bang The most common gate ornament in South Vietnam Phở gã (Chicken noodle soup) Hồ Chí Minh Statue, Cần Thơ Floating gas station Heavy load Floating market area, Cần Thơ Floating bar Weird rowing technique Let me hang my clothes out here, where it rains like fuck 14-year-old fish Rice noodle manufacture Floating bacon Cần Thơ fish market Beef and onions Frogs and snakes, living in harmony Commie-heil! A lot of swastikas in this region Mid-aged crocs, to be eaten Young crocs, to be grown Old crocs, just for mating Yes, those are rats Châu Đốc Châu Đốc Ninja kids Beef with garlic Huynh Remember this boat, and how much above water it is Turned out cooler than the actual photo Let me hang my clothes here, in the middle of the fucking water Muddy water wash Marina, Lana, Vid, Nataša, Dachaz, Gordana, Jovana, Lepa, Marijana Monkey bridge Monkey bridge The boats have eyes Baba Jovana Safety hazard? No, not at all... Fisherman Some boats have ying-yang eyes Remember that boat from a while ago? This is it under heavy load. Chicken with fried noodles