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2013. Thailand

Bangkok Pad Thai Safety first Royal Palace and fabulous weather Methül Wat Pho, Bangkok Long Buddha is looooooooooong MOTHER. OF. PEARL. Wat Arun, Bankok So, how are we getting down again? If you want to have your cookies pre-crushed for you - go for it Mo Chit station, Bangkok Fancy bus... with beds! (well, sort of) Dinner on bus? That's a first! Chiang Mai Is he alive? Nice weather to go into the rainforest The ground is a fair bit away from the floor, but that's ok. Sticky rice ...kad viking istripuje budizam... Nice Korean grub That's my name, don't wear it out! Lovely Miw of "We Cook" "We like them small" Banana leaves with baby bananas inside Hundred-year and thousand-year eggs Ingredients for Drunken Noodles Drunken Noodles Fingerroot MORTAR Green curry paste Fish paste Not on the menu today Tom Kha Gai ingredients Tom Kha Gai + Green Curry Tiger Kingdom... or BACON KINGDOM?! Looks well swimmable Bridge over the river Kwai I think Thai government has a clear idea on smoking