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2007. Croatia (Lovran)

AntA the Jezivi Ružica's sister Maja Endangered species Guess it yourself Ružica 'Život kroz flašu' Quite Finnish, innit? Anta, Ruža, Edi Ruža's mom, Vera Don Quite a Hellhound Sanjin Ruža's father, Bule People knocking themselves out over some kajmak and čvarci Gorana Ganja? Nope - smoked čvarci! Two soberest people around Nightfall in Middle Earth singalong The first casualty of the night Discriminating photos A Serbian product in Croatia? Unbelievable. Christmas tree New year's eve starting Melanija Hrvatin, Lucija Hrvatin, Akihiro, Lucija Melanija Lucija and her boyfriend Japanese exchange student - Akihiro Professor Edi really likes his students Trippin' to the techno beat Marko Quality beer Happy lil' wanker A mighty fine morning Jesus seagul Wallpaper-esque Rasta tree Beaches in winter... ...beautiful? Following photos are to illustrate how big did the moon look that evening The moon and the crow-kid Maja Dobrila - the tourist attraction of the region The two Mayas 'McKinley makes the longest shoelaces ever', according to Anta Ana, Edi Ana, myself The sisters Kinda Albanian? Maja gave me the Ireland-flavoured, heart-shaped lolly The best jumpsuit of them all