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2006. Munich, Paris, Vienna

Beautiful mountains of Austria Siemens is everywhere in Munich Mercury square University quart... or so I think Eternal flame for the victims of fasistic regimes The biggest pub/beer house ever SVERIGE The foul-most tasting yet the best-labeled beer ever Paris... Obviously Specially taken for my friend Tanja ;) Alexander's bridge Les invalides Ministry of foreign affairs Parlament? Place de la concorde Le Louvrehttp://localhost:5173/images/photos/2006.%20Munich,%20Paris,%20Vienna/402.jpg Mesopotamian exibit in the Louvre Reeeci! :) Exposition mater est Never let an idiot take s photo of ye... For Dima ;) Versailles Versailles gardens ...a duck! The heavy metal bitch View from the third floor of the Eiffel's tower ...second floor... Noice! It was the Day of Europe and thus the Eiffel's Tower was blue History of Paris... on an oar! Notre Damme 'We don't have any pictures of ourselves in our film' Inside the Notre Dame Hotel de Ville Pompidue Center KILL THE YOUNG Montmartr Hehehe :) Republique St.Stephan's cathedral, Wien Just for Maja Bubanj ;) SVERIGE Maria Teresa square