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2006. Croatia (Lovran, Rijeka)

A rainy view from Edi's balcony Maja and myself in the very same pub Who'd say that I'd be happy to drink some beer? Vera Vera, Bule Don A rainy pool party Quite some pool, innit? Maja's trying to fix Ružica's catastrophic lunch with some good olde pancakes Edi did his best on being useful A piecehttp://localhost:5173/images/photos/2006.%20Croatia%20(Lovran,%20Rijeka)/156.jpg of forest, just up the hill The t-shirt that is no more In the River pub Me and my mates from Belgrade - Uroš and Čeki Ivana and Liniæ The next evening, in Czech Pub Maja noticed that her beloved sister didn't take a single photo of her in the River pub, so Ruža tried to make it up by taking many photos this night Stoka 23 Inside the disco boat, Arka That's actually Guinness inside, but Ružica insisted on taking the photo with the label Guinnes = Dachaz happy Gals knocking theirselves off Dachaz 'n' Maja photo session And now, Edi's boob hour... Introducing: Maja's boobs Dachaz' boobs Maja's boobs Ruža's boobs Ruža's boobs, take 2 Homies Here comes Don again Catering for Sanjin's b-day party Some drank whilst some were increasing their spiritual level Party involved some headbanging, obviously Maja was, more-less, bored to tears I was not... I was drunk But not nearly as drunk as those two Or the star of the night Edi is rather impressed with parts of Ružica's body Ružica is also impressed with parts of her body Myself after hours spent installing and configuring Linux I get wet Edi gets bald We are... here Representative You might not beleive me, but this one was for eVa 'Lovran's pride' Stairway to hell (being Lovran's elementary school) Ružica wanted the whole world to know about her, rather fancy, footwear In this cloud, you can't se a rainbow... But it was there... I swear! Ana being more than impressed by my PDA Edi This is to prove that Ruža can make a good meal if she really tries to She used the wrong type of Wine, but who cares :) The plant that has been bathed in beer.... I envy it Someone was out on the balcony... ...doing mostly nothing While someone else spent several hours installing and configuring Windows98 on this crappy machine 'And that's summer holiday for me... yay!' Now you know where to look for me next time My famous buritos Myself being happy as I'm finally getting them over Bule enjoing the nirvana of flavours :D Don didn't get any, but that didn't stop him from being happy Ružica found out how to look bitchy... Notice the same facial expression in most of the latter pics Some kid Ružica fancied And our beloved waitress Some rather nice blokes in the Pub of Lovran Gay Less gay tr00 Speaks for itself Muška lignja! Walking up the hill Nice try The eternal struggle of prahistoric man and a bamboo. The mutated ducks in the river of Riječina In Brasserie As He's obviously Ružica's friend, you can see it by his glasses Ružica's masterpiece Slutty looks Edi :) A rather blurry bus A fantastic burger-based restourant Male part of the table And the female part Exilleration Yes, my 'summer' holidays were accompanied by temperatures of 18 degrees Celsius, most of the time. Mega-yayness Some rather pathetic Irish Coffee ...details... Edi's reaction to the fact that I'm leaving in several hours My reaction Ružica was bored... 666 Medo! 'How to pack 6 tankards into a suitcase'