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2001. Bulgaria (Sunny Beach)

Inside the Ballaton Hotel Dachaz in the action In the hotel lobby Me & Igor (from Kragujevac) in the hotel lobby. Have no fear, I <b>is</b> here! Vesna (from Kragujevac) and my mother. Me and Nevena (from Kragujevac). Me and complete Kragujevac female junior line-up: Nevena, Katarina, Irena & Jovana Me in old town of Nessebar Artistic picture from Nessebar. This shot is taken inside the Trakia hotel!! Melba ice-cream. My mother;  Irena, Milenko & Violeta (from Kragujevac) Me and Mesut - dude who makes those necklaces I wear. Me and Bob - CD seller dude. We and Charlie (Karl) - Local drunk who made us laugh every night. Me and Ivan, guy who's job is to make people go into his restaurant Me and Galja - Local waitress who's extremely short  I row > Vlada,  Goran <BR> II row > Ilija, Irena, Julija, Mihajlo, Me & Igor