My signature city is Seattle

Sleepless in Seattle? We don't think so. You may be laidback but that doesn't mean you're lacking in energy. Someone as adventurous and active as you is the perfect pairing with a city that's filled with fresh air, beautiful waterfront, snow-capped mountains, and plenty to do.

Whether you're hiking, skiing, or biking, you lead the way to new heights and lots of fun. And what better place to reach new heights of fun than in your signature city? How about from the top of the Space Needle or Mt. Rainier? You can quench your need for speed in the Great Outdoors, check out a jazz club or a museum, and wash it all down with a fresh cup of java at one of the city's countless cafs all in one day. Now that's something we can all toast to!

According to What's Your Signature City? test