You're someone who doesn't have much luck in the romance department. You've got such a lot of love to give but it keeps getting lost in transit. You probably think that it was about time that you had your share of romance. But if you were lucky in love, would you really be happy? Have you ever thought that maybe part of you actually enjoys pining for the one you love....? If you really want your fair share of love, perhaps you need to set your sights on a more realistic object of affection?


You are a deeply emotional person. Right now you couldn't imagine a better place to be. Love is making you feel lightheaded and giddy. You're all a-glow and enjoying the moment. Just make sure you don't get too obsessive...


The world can be a very lonely place when love isn't going the way you'd like. You'd like nothing more than to just feel completely natural with the one you love. It would be so special if you could sneak away with them and find a quiet place just the two of you. That would beat all the heartache you seem to put yourself through. Your choice of animal shows a particular penchant for the physical side of love and a very nurturing spirit. It also reflects a tendency to be sharp and alert in dealing with challenges in your life.


You're a real romantic at heart. Sometimes you actually quite enjoy a spot of heart-ache. Pining for the one you love can be good for the soul and for the creative spirit! You like quiet one-on-one time best of all. It's such a treat to get your lover all to yourself, uninterrupted. You dream of being reunited with the one you love. You're an adventurous soul. You find true romance in exploring new places and discovering new passions together with your lover. Shared experiences will always bring you closer together.

According to Youniverse's Love Visual DNA