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Published on , in Dreams
Had the craziest sleeping ever - I laid quite early - about midnight, and all I remember is seeing ",;:;,", opening my eyes somewhere between cca 4 and 5AM, seeing blue sunless morning sky and saying "How the hell did this happen?" :lol:

Afterwards I had 3 dreams of which 2 are no interest to you (being that they're just about my family) whilst in third one I was seeing through eyes of Bart Simpson who was harassing the arse off some guy who was harassing the Simpson family :)
Funny thing is that Bart broke some ancient computer of his, when his assistan said "Le't find a PDP then... and learn how to use it" :D
(for people less techie - PDP is ye antique computer)

On the "How the hell did this happen" remark - I had something like that several months ago, when I woke up in the middle of the night asking myself "How the hell did I get here?!". Mind you that I wasn't drunk (when I'm drunk, I hardly can wake up in the middle of the night :D)


Last night I had a G4 Mac.

Published on , in Dreams
Though, I managed to break down the keyboard in the first minutes of use.
Luckilly, the keyboard was under warranty, so I took it back to the shop.

Before that, I was on some party which was mixture of everything in past 24hours - in the first room, as we entered the flat, was a couple of mates whom did I lend my PS2 some time ago. We were about to play some Mortal Kombat (which I did just before bed). From the next room came a certain person from my high-school class whom no one did like (whose e-mails, dated 2001., I found in my inbox). I decided to go to the room on the left.
There were some random people, and I felt like going to the loo, which was in the room next to it.
Lots of people were in front of the toilet, yet the toilet had some retarded door system, with spring, hook and a metal bar. When I got out, there was a gal saying how depressed she is, and that she needs a shag desperately. I told her that I'm not into that, but could fix her with someone.
Then I went back to the PS2 room, and went to the room on the right.
I saw Nightwolf lying on the rocks. I thought he was just sleeping, so I went to the next room.
There I saw Li Mei, laying down decapitated. I went to the next room.
I saw transformers-like robot that was torn apart.
By that point I knew that every next room would have something dead in it, and that I'd have to fight something the first time I decided to go back. So it happened ;)
I decided to turn back, and by that very second some robot showed up. I tried to attack it before it initiated battle, but as in all games of the genre - I couldn't do anything before battle would officially start.
By that point I decided to wake up :)


Two nights ago my gf-to-be was talking about her friends from high school and how they eternally are connected, yadda, yadda; so I dreamt of her friends (whom I never saw, actually). They all came in pimped cars, and she popped into some convertible's back seat.



Published on , in Dreams
OK, so two nights ago I dreamt that I was one of three alchemist dwarves on eternal quest to save the worlds (something like Power Rangers, but only more magical).
On the last of the quests, we didn't manage to extract the evilness from a certain girl, and we decided to give it up and to go back.
When I came back home, my parents were watching the news seeing that she is after us. My mom started commenting something like "Haha, she's never gonna get you", where I instantly mimicked her to stop talking.
She started laughing and said "As if she's gonna hear me..." to which I replied with a shout: "Well, what do you think how do we find them?".
It was minutes after when a strange policeman came in sniffing around my room. I knew that she had sent him, and I grabbed my cellphone to call the other two of the dwarves (whilst which I was pissed 'cause one of them is a mate o' mine who never answers the phone), and started looking for some weapon I could find in my room.
For some reason, I was left only with toy-looking crap, and I picked the only one which actually had some blades on it (still toy-looking).
I removed the plastic shielding while leaving the room, and there I saw my mother by the open door. I told her that the "policeman" was sent by her when my mom responded "No shit, Sherlock!".
Then out of nowhere, "policeman" came back in and took me by the neck, when I started sawing through his neck, while he kept standing as if nothing was happening.
I knew that I'd kill him only by the moment I cut through his whole neck, side-by-side, however, before managing to do that Burzum woke me up with some "Iiiiii meeeeloooom buuuskenaaaaar..." (that's my waking-alarm :))

Morale of the dream is - I have to get my battleaxe back in the room, since I can never be certain when am I going to need it.

The other one was this night, where I dreamt of some parrot that had bit me hard on the back, and wouldn't let go.
Since it was neighbour's parrot, I couldn't just hit it, and so I was going around with it on my back, hurting the hell out of me.
Then I got mom to take it off somehow, and we managed to close it in our bathroom (even though it tried to get out while we were closing the door).

I'm not sure what is it with the evil parrots in my dreams (having that this is the second time a parrot was biting something out off me), but it surely is fucked up.



Published on , in Dreams
Haha, I just recalled an insane dream I had some nights ago - I was on some party in someone's enormous flat.
There was this fat chick who went from boring to aggressive so she kept chasing me wanting to hurt me. Funny thing is that I managed to keep hurting her in each of her attempts to hurt me, without using any force but her own.
I clearly remember her attempts to open the door which I kept half-closed just by keeping my foot to it, whilst she kept pushing them with all of her might (and had, therefore, been hurting herself).

Pissing laughter to have something like that in head.

The second thing was during the exams week when I haven't been sleeping well and had this thought running through on waking "...so we're transferring the electricity through the pigglets... No, wait, that was for friday's exam..." :D

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