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Nina de Lianin finds a great joy in modelling and approaches her photoshootings and videoshootings as an actress approaches to her scenario. At the very moment, when the makeup, the hair and the first outfit is on, she enters the scene and play the role.

"I am a fashion freak, addicted to magazine editorials and haute couture, though I have a strong individual style that has not changed much throughout the years, but maybe just because of that I like seeing myself in many different roles and outfits that I would personally maybe never wear"

Nina has also started numerous personal projects in the fashion area, mostly considering the motion picture. She is also engaged as the fashion choreographer of The ModelExperience in Berlin.



HEIGHT 173cm / 5’8”
WEIGHT 49kg / 107lb
BUST 85cm / 33”
WAIST 58cm / 23”
HIPS 88cm / 35”
DRESS SIZE 32 (DE) / 6 (UK) / 2 (US) 
SHOE SIZE 38 (EU) / 7 US
HAIR below shoulders , dyed blackbrown


Travel Plans

Upcoming travels:
Nothing planned yet.


Nina de Lianin has got her basic music education in Belgrade, at the renomated school for music "Josip Slavenski". She also took private classes for opera singing for three years, from the soloist opera singer of National Theater in Belgrade, Mrs. Svetlana Nestorov, where she learned the technique of breathing and singing:

"I owe my teacher, my hero, a special gratitute, because she has had a huge impact on my life, she is definitelly one of the most important persons who walked through my life. 
Another very special name to thank to is Mrs. Snezana Knezevic, who helped me a lot with music theory"

At the age of 19, Nina became oficially professional singer (and dancer), by becoming a full time employee at Serbian National Ensemle, in Belgrade. She has been working there for 5 full seasons, where she has had soloistic parts in each of the programms that were being performed during that time.

"Professionals start learning being that not in school or college, but when they get enrolled in a serious company! That's where I got my most valuable performing experience!"

Nina specialized for the Musical Performance in Germany, Berlin and Düsseldorf, where she completed the pallete of her various singing styles.

At the moment she is to be seen as the rolle of Trioletta in "Gala Musical", produced by the Show-Bizz-Ent. and having performances around German area Northrein- Westphalia.

Nina de Lianin is currently a member of In Strict Confidence, German electro-pop-goth band. Discography where she took part in include:

  • "Set Me Free" 2011 (EP)
  • La Parade Monstrueuse, 2010
  • "Silver Bullets", 2010 (EP)
  • "My Despair", 2009 (EP)

In Strict Confidence is working on their new album, which should be released at the beginning of 2012. Nina de Lianin will be singing all female vocals on that album and has also composed and wrote lyrics for some of them.



Upcoming events:
Nothing planned yet.


Nina de Lianin started dancing at the age of 5. She started learning classical ballet, but at the age of 8 she switched to the characteré dancing, where she remained most of her life and folklore dances are strongly influencing her today's work as well.

She became professional caracteré dancer (and singer) at the age of 19, as she has got full-time employment at the Serbian National Ensemble. She has been dancing there for 5 years, with many roles as a soloist dancer.

After her sound career in Serbia, Nina moved to Germany and switched her style again, this time to musical. She has done her studies in Berlin and Düsseldorf.

"Sometimes I think I was born on the stage, because that's the surrounding where I feel natural, where I am myself the most."

Currently, Nina de Lianin is available for:

  • Musical, Jazz, Modern performances
  • Balkan folklore, Gypsy, Oriental, Bollywood performances

Upcoming events:
Nothing planned yet.


Nina de Lianin has always been wishing to make her breakthrough as an actress. She took several acting lessong as she was still living in Serbia and she debuted in 1999. as Nina Zarechnaya in Anton Chekhov's "The Seagull" at one small theater project.

At the age of 22 she enrolled her studies in Germany, for a musical performer, where she also got a thorough acting education and gained experience.

"My life has been my greatest acting school... I remember playing with barbie dolls with my best friend, who was also talented young actress, so we had most strange scenarios for our age... We played until the age of 15. The other most impacting thing on my character were my summer holidays at my Uncle's. I used to play with animals they had in the backyard, the whole day, singing, dancing, giving them food, talking to them. I bet it would have been thousand times more interesting to watch than any Walt Disney cartoon ever! And in the end - who didn't like to put all mom's clothes and make-up, while being home alone..."

Currently is Nina de Lianin to be seen in the role of Olivia, from the piece "The Murder Auction" in Tatort Theater in Bochum. 


Upcoming events:
Nothing planned yet.


Fetish Evolution Expo 2012 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter


 Today I've visited Fetish Evolution Expo 2012. Together with Mephisto (Senior ;) we went to check out the newest latex and fetish trends. Most of all, we wanted to meet some dear friends. Dressed all in black: latex, leather and fur (luckily the day was super cold and super windy ;) we arrived there in the late afternoon.

Can't say I was impressed with the couture I've seen there, but there could be found some interesting things to wear, I'm sure :) Tomorrow not going to the ball, instead I've reserved the day for my beloved ones, I'm sure my Mephistos have missed me during my stay in Bombay as much as I missed them :)


ISC in Dresden Share on Facebook Share on Twitter


 31.03.2012. Dresden. Lovely performance by In Strict Confidence at the concert with the name "Ballroom Passions", where we were the headliners. It was a lovely evening, first of all, it was so nice to meet the band members again at the stage and also to greet our lovely fans in the audience. It was a lovely atmosphere, people dancing and singing with us their favorite songs.

Traveling to Dresden and back was quite an adventure though! After the sunny weather in India, I managed to came back home in time for the concert, hoping that I have completely skipped the German cold winter and have arrived just in time for the spring. However, yesterday on my way to Dresden, I have experienced all possible weather conditions - sun, wind, rain, even snow!

Now I'm back home, happy and full of positive energy! It was so lovely to stand again in front of our fans!
Big thanks to the photographer Frank Buttenbender, who has already uploaded the photo-report. Here is one of the photos :)

My outfit is designed by Savage Wear and could also be ordered at their online store (or if you're in Berlin, feel free to visit their store in Fridrichshein)

End of a journey... Share on Facebook Share on Twitter


It has been almost two months since I first arrived to India. Lovely two months in a beautiful contry, full of life, colors, city lights, interesting smells, landscapes, people... It was such an amazing cultural experience! The land of great contrasts, people either too poor or too rich, streets both messy and luxurios, great extremes growing into each other and making everything even more spectacular and exotic.

What I liked in India the most were friendly people, delicious food (especial paratha, puri bhaji, dal etc), masala chai and their lovely costumes, that they wear in everyday life. I just can't find the right words to express how big my respect to that is, since I am one of those who very much like tradition and folklore.

What I hated in India is their laid back attitude to their responsibilities (please try to understand me, I live in Germany since 3,5 years :)), the relativity of the time (IST - stands for Indian Special Time ;)) and their habit to constantly press horns of their cars, so you are basically getting scared every two seconds if you're nearby the street, scared, that you could get killed, since everybody's driving the way they THINK is right. Very scary (though a great fun and adventure for the ones who love extreme sports :)

There are a couple of people I will never forget, but for now I will only mention my roommate Janaina, who has been my perfect roommate match! The rest of you, I am sure you will recognize yourselves, without having to name you :)

For me it was a great experience! Now it is the time to go back home, to the ones I love, to the ones who love me! I am also reaching home in time to be there for the In Strict Confidence gig in Dresden (31.03) and also to start working on one new musical production.

Can't wait! 

Bridal Indian Shoot Share on Facebook Share on Twitter


 Today was quite a long day! I have had a lovely catalogue shooting for Indian bridal wear, meaning the most exquisite sarees, with most beautiful patterns and stitches. I have changed (believe it or not) 20 diferrent sarees! Red and white were the most beautiful ones, but not less beautiful were also the ones in deep green, blue, violet etc. 

The clients were really lovely, they treated me very well (also with lots of Indian food and Indian chai, mmmmm, yummy) and the team was very hard working and professional. All in all, it was a lovely atmosphere and we produced AMAZING pictures!

All the photos should be published in about 20 days. So don't forget to stop by :)
Until then, two snapshots from the changing room as a little teaser :)








E-mail (info, booking etc):
info[@]ninadelianin.com (remove the brackets!)


Signed Photos option coming soon...