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On meditation

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I meditated for the first time today, in a Buddhist temple in South Korea. Being non-spiritual, I didn't expect much - actually, I expected it to be boring. However, I got an unexpected treat, a show for free, courtesy of mild hallucinations. I googled a bit to see if this is a common thing, but the results were wildly spiritual-enlightened-mumbo-jumbo, which couldn't have been the case here. Being a very fanciful and vivid dreamer, I'd think it was something more down that alley.

We did two sessions, a 20 minute one and a 30 minute one. The first one was richer for me, as I could just concentrate on the floor patterns, without any distractions. In that session, the floor patterns first started weaving to the sound of the rain before turning into shapes. The first shape was a demonic-kind of face, that was in turn eaten by a huge flame. After some more dancing patterns, I got one more scene of a mouse nibbling on a wooden horse, that in turn morphed into a mouse winding up a human-like shape (a nutcracker soldier kind of thing). That's when our session ended. My eyes were a bit misaligned after that, as all the people had two mouths and four eyes, which was amazing as well.

After a breakfast and a break, we did a second session. This time, I wanted to concentrate on the rain drops outside the meditation room. First thing that I noticed is that it's a lot harder to form patterns in an environment that is already dancing, but worse still was having a constantly moving person in my sight. When I managed to zone that out, I first saw regular pattern flows, forming infinity symbols and triskels. Eventually came the first scene: two guys doing some martial-arts fighting with long sticks. When they were done, the puddles and raindrops in them became intensively 3D and were gaining more and more height. Then the signal turned to noise for a long while, before turning into an epic ship fight, with sails, cannons and explosions. While concentrated on the scene, a gust of wind moved the trees in the background, which made it look like the mountain was about to get up and walk away. It also resembled a waking dragon a little bit, so I moved my eyes to concentrate on that, which broke the flow. After that it became uncomfortable sitting on the floor, so that was essentially the end of my trip.

It was an interesting experience - being fully rested and awake, yet dreaming with the eyes open and not even remotely feeling like falling asleep. I'll have to try to recreate the experience back home.


A short trip to The Hague

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I arrived at the corner of Conradkade and Laan van Meerdervoort at the earliest hours of the morning - the streets were still empty and sun was merely showing signs of life.
Looking down Regentesselaan I knew that I was short walk away from my cousin's place, but I needed to start on my own so I went for a walk in the opposite direction.
Having that it was so early in the morning, I was a bit sleepy, so I managed to doze off while walking, just to open my eyes about 100m further, on some strange piece of green from which, looking back, I could see only the rooftops of the buildings in Conradkade. My eyelids were still quite heavy, so after they shut again for a moment I shook my head and had walked through a bush, ending up on the middle of the street.
Running over it, I realised it was President Kennedylaan, and that I'm just in front of Museon.
I stopped for a moment to think where could I find some apartment to rent, or even better - where to find some students' dorm, which would have to be cheaper.
At that point I realised I don't have any luggage - neither a suitcase or a backpack. That gave off a little hint of all this being a dream, but as I was running away from everything, I ran away from that thought as well. Literally.
I was running like the wind, away from Museon and Omniversum, through the streets that were still dark.
Finally, I ended at a pier of some sort, and the sun had shown its rays. It was just then that I realised that I was running parallel to a body of water, and that I'll most probably have to go all the way back to get to the other side.
Then, I thought I could find a boat-home here, so I went forth. Going forth I saw a small bridge to the other side, just a few tens of meters in front of me, but the wind was so strong that it kept pushing me back, so I gave in.
Going back, I was lucky to find another bridge across, and while crossing it I started thinking about how I should go home, how I ran away just before an colloquium I studied for and how I'd just screw myself up with skipping it, but then I started thinking about what should I tell my parents about where have I been, and then the most brilliant idea crossed my mind - I'll say I just went to buy some sneakers!
So, I had to buy some sneakers for this story to hold ground. They will turn out to be quite an expensive pair with the plane ticket added to their value, but it was better than nothing.
Walking into a shop I got strange looks because I, obviously, entered just moments after they had it opened.
Looking around I found nothing to my liking, so I went through to another shop within this one (they shared the same entrance but had the separate displays and everything).
In that one, the woman working there tried to be helpful, and had asked me what was I looking for, but strangely, that was in Serbian. Having that this whole trip of mine was about running away, I just said "Converse", trying to look confused and to avoid any communication in alma mater.
On my way out, she showed me a single All Stars-looking model they had in the store, but I just shook my head in dislike.
Walking to the main exit, I saw the first store's employee having her legs on the stairway, almost blocking the main exit. A bit confused, I managed to gently open the door and go out, where was another employee of the store saying (also in Serbian) "you could do it like this" and who pulled the door to the opposite side.
When I finally gout out, I walked a bit and had realised that I'm on a far end of Laan van Meerdervoort.
Laughing in complete certainty that this can only be a dream, I had decided to text a mate o'mine and tell him about it. I ended the SMS with "...and I sure bet that when I wake up it'll be 00:01", and started the "force the eyes to open" routine I do whenever I consciously want to end a dream.

It was 06:01, so that was off a bit ;)


Doctor Who

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I've recently discovered Doctor Who and have been watching the show quite intensively, thus it has affected my dreams.

Unfortunately I've forgotten half of the dream, but the first thing I recall is that a small number of us was safe inside a small bar, while virus-infected brainless zombie-like population was outside.
The team inside was consisted of me, Natasha Flame, bartenderesse, an ex-hippie in his late fifties, and a guy who was quite impulsive in the end, but did the things right.

I don't remember how, but I found out that there's a girl in trouble somewhere outside, that is not infected.
The only thing I actually remember is running towards the safe bar, with her, through the zombie masses, while holding her hand. We managed to get in, so it was just one more of us in the room with no idea on what to do.

The girl was really freaked out by zombies pushing themselves onto a window, so we rolled a thick yellow curtain to calm her down. Having that Natasha Flame was sitting next to that window and working on a device of some sort, she ended in quite a dark and while asking us to provide some light, took her stuff and went to a back room.

Being closed in for quite some time in the only safe spot nearby drove that hippie mad. He used the moment we spent concentrating on calming the new girl down, and Natasha Flame's anger bit, to disappear.
I think that bartender-chick suggested that he went out with a belt of dynamites to clear the situation a bit, which he did. We received a phone call from him saying that he's not yet one of them. I took a quick glance through the window and saw him being discovered by the zombies. The next thing happening was a big explosion that made our dent a little.

Another phone call came in, from my elementary school friend/ex guitarist Mladen.
In great panic I started explaining how he must shut his door tight as those zombie-things might be everywhere, and that only a touch is required to get infected.
I gave the phone to the girl I previously saved 'cause she wanted to hear him as well, but the very moment she got it next to her ear, her face grew pale, and her body seemed to have frozen in shock.
Asking her what's going on, she said that she thinks Mladen's brother got infected already as she heard him repeating a single word over and over.
Freaked out, I grabbed the phone back and started yelling for my mate. Confused, he responded asking what was the fuss all about. When I explained, he laughed and said "my brother was just playing that stupid pika-pika(chu) song, relax, also there was one of the zombies in front of my door, and I just growled at him and it started going away".
"Brilliant!", I shouted, "you're a fucking genius! How could I have forgotten that little bit - while I was running in with that girl, I growled out of fear and anger, and the bastards moved on a bit!". Thanking him, and having that they've turned out to be safe, I told him we should try to get something done over here. Jokingly, he asked me whether he can have rights for the book about what happened there, and I said that if we survive, we'll write one, and he can have all the credentials. However, I suggested that he should ring us in some time to check whether we're still alive.

Having this done, I went to check on Natasha Flame. Her computer screen showed that she's uploading something via torrents, but somehow I knew she had the vaccine ready.
The other bloke still in, opened the back door to have one zombie come in. Originally, the vocalist of Six Feet Under was there for nanosecond helping the guy, but apparently he disappeared, thus I jumped there to growl the bastard to a couch, where the other bloke vaccinated him.
We repeated this so many times, that sometimes I would seem to run out of voice, which would have a zombie reset himself to the default "I will kill you" state.
The last person we saved, before I woke up, was my father. I remember telling him to go away now, and that a DVD started playing.

That was that.
I did think of how fucked up "The Empty Child" episode of Doctor Who was when I was going to bed, so the influence is obvious.
Btw, Natasha Flame got her name while I was waking up - I though how I'd tell Audrey that it would be cool if she was called Natasha Flame, at which point I "realised" that was the name of a girl from the dream :)

Update: I just watched the first episode from the second series of Doctor Who, and guess what? It has virus-infected zombie-like creatures which infect others by touch!


Awfully dreamy

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I had a rather cartoonish dream just now.
I dreamt that I got awfully rich and had turned into more of a snob than I already am.
While having an awful lot of fun with my awful snobby new friends, I saw an awful girl whom I used to care about awfully lot.
I reminisced about the happier times when I wasn't so awfully rich, looking down at my ruff and my all medieval, awfully large town key. Those times weren't any happier, but I knew I belonged there more.
I took the key, split it in half and smashed the head of the said girl with the ridiculously large key-head. It was awful - her dress got all messed up.
I knew it was the shackles for me, but I didn't care awfully lot - I was an awful person and I knew I'd just keep my character like that in the prison, which happened to be just up the awfully spiral stairs I was climbing already.
I had new enemies, just by entering that awfully large and colourful place. Some NBA-looking folks hated me either for the awful things I've done to that girl's head, or for the others I've killed in the meantime.
Oh, yes, I got a perfect skill of throwing surgeon knifes at people's back, just like that. And I didn't bother awfully lot to use it.
While shoving the second knife into one of NBA's friends, I walked towards the awful-looking prostitutes whose names I already knew.
Those foul creatures were giving the various pleasures to that awful cartoon-selling guy from The Simpsons.

It was awfully dreamy.



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I just dreamt that I was sleeping behind the bar at a local Irish Pub, waking up at moments to check incoming SMS messages. At some point I thought to myself "Ok, I got wasted early in the morning, but I shouldn't really have slept here waiting for the evening and the other group of friends to arrive... Should probably have went home" :)

The next thing I know, I was part of audience (though I think I was just passing by) on shooting of some mixture of Who wants to be a millionaire and Music Idol. Some bloke about to enter the game had to answer correctly to some pop-idol-crap related question and he was pretty much feeling certain about his answer. The scenery where he stood and behind him was all in black boxes - like in Telenor commercials - which probably meant that they were the sponsors. I was playing with said blocks, pushing my head through intentionally left holes, shouting crap and such. When I had enough, I decided to check whither the guy has made it to the show, and it was just the moment he was saying his answer. Surprisingly to him, me, and all the pitch-voiced screaming girls in the audience - the answer was incorrect. I instantly realised that now I can enter the Who wants to be a millionaire quiz, and thought "money - why not".
While each and every of us remaining contestants were saying our names, the silly neon-lighted signs with what should we have said showed up, but since two guys said their names several times (while neon light signs kept changing) it all became desynchronised.
However, to enter I didn't have fancy questions like the guy who failed - I had to wrestle on blue bouncy Telenor boxes with the next candidate, and whichever wins enters the first round of the quiz.
The first match was a draw, but I managed to win the second. However, instead of my name a pink neon sign with "Marija" written over it was flashing and I told some technician to fix that.
This win qualified me to sit with a bunch of other people having their tasters for picking an answer. I realised this is some kind of elimination, like who gets the most answers right goes to real quiz, or something. However, sitting next to some bloke, I glanced through my own window and saw that my street has been completely reshaped with some sideway parking spots around the bus stop, and trees on each side of the bus stop. Looked quite trippy and rural.
The bloke sitting next to me started talking about the quiz and said that we're waiting for all of 20 places to be filled, and then I saw like a diagram of who's sitting where, with uncoloured dots where no one was sitting, white where people were sitting but haven't pressed anything on their taster, green for correct answered ones and red for incorrect. The guy told me that no matter where he start, he always get rid of the white ones (referring to some tetris-like game), to which I smiled in hope he'd shut up.
After a while, all 20 places were filled but instead of questions, we went to some mountain slope (on our left was a non-climbable wall-like structure, in front of us a narrow path, and to the right a light slope, some shallow water on the bottom and the fields where we came from on far right).
Originally, we were aligned on the bath by our entry numbers.
Not sure when was the moment when all of us were represented by tiny snakes, and the show host let a mouse to eat the said snakes (next round of elimination - whose snake isn't eaten, manages through). Of course, after eating first snake, the mouse got eaten by a bigger snake, and the bigger snake was eaten by a red and a very fast snake so in the end it all ended up by many stuffed snakes, most of them just lying at the path, the red one crawling my way, and I was barefoot and freaked out. Went to the other end of the path, hopping the snakes being lazy and full, but when I got to the end I didn't really get what I was looking for (whatever that might have been) and have decided to go back. Skipping the lazy snakes was no problem, but the red snake was leaving a trail which was a mixture of blood and its own slime to which I and a guy who was originally standing behind me made a very sour face.
The next thing that crossed my mind was "what if I could show hidden files" (referring to seeing insides of snake tummies) and instantly I felt as if I was squeezing one of the stuffed snakes, and that stuff was starting to come out of it.
That was mega-yuck and I woke up. Took me a while to get the thought of the feeling of snake being squeezed and all that from my mind.


iPhone - it's what dreams are made of

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Last night I dreamt that my dad had bought an iPhone :lol:
I was shocked since my dad usually tends to crap on Apple stuff just 'cause it's expensive.
To my even greater surprise, the iPhone wasn't a mono-block it actually should be, but a foldable type of phone (and even resembled of one of those Motorola razr/rokr/sabr/ridr/whichevr). Nevertheless, screen was multi-touch as the original is, and I had a blast playing with zoom :)



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This afternoon I dreamt that I was on cellphone with a girl-friend-o'mine and that we figured out we're close to each other so that we should meet.
Soon after we went across a bridge that's half way between my place and her place (since we're in da hood) and ended up in some huge castle of sort, which was presumably representing the elementary school that is just there.
Walking down the spiral stairs I realised my teeth are falling out (as usual) but this time the rotten pieces of gums did as well.
For the first time having my teeth falling out in a dream didn't make me panic as it didn't felt as if my real teeth fell out this time (which it usually does) but as if I had some dental prothesis which just died off.
Trying to keep things falling out together (and not losing them), I met a mate o'mine whom I was supposed to go to circus (IRL) in few days and he said that he had decided to join special forces in military as he's not a type of guy to stand guard at the same spot the whole day, not being allowed to move around.
A big mirror was nearby so I checked my mouth, and everything was fine, so I was at peace. :D

Why do I have recurring dreams of my teeth falling out - I have no clue.
I usually thought it had to do with my untidy dental hygiene, but now that I got that in order (yay for big me :)) it doesn't make much sense.
Well, nothing else does as well, but still :)

If you wondered why the hell do I sleep afternoons - 'tis mighty simple - I go to bed terribly late (3-4 AM), get up for uni rather early, and feel like crap when I get back home.



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Last night MetalLady was paying me a visit.

I was sitting in my room with a mate o'mine whom had come so we'd do something for his uni. In the middle of it, someone rang at the door and I said "Oh, she's here already!" and left the poor ol' bloke alone in that room.
Getting her bags in, the first thing she said is "Oh, I thought you had longer hair?" to which I started explaining how I did have longer hair before I cut most of it and that now it looks especially short 'cause I've tied my pony-tail up high, to which she laughed. As she was tired, she just sat with my family watching TV, and I did as well, but since we were on the opposite sides of the couch we didn't actually talk a lot.
After some time I remembered that I left that mate alone in my room, and said that I have to go check on him. Once there, I found him half asleep and have said "You're still here?!" to which he replied "Whoa, it has taken quite a while this time, hasn't it?".
I sat at my computer to help him finish whatever we were working on, and few moments later another mate came in. I asked him if the party he was organising was that good that he himself left it first, and he made a witty response, as well, and sat at a computer in front of me. For some reason he had long-ish hair, even though he usually doesn't.
After some time a cunning thought struck me - a female friend from Hungary is sitting in my living room, yet I'm sitting with two people I can see any other day? Fuck that! - so, I left for the living room.
Somehow, I ended in Grandpa's living room, and MetalLady was in her sleeping dress, ironing her hair (yes, with an iron) which inflicted a seriously strange look on my face. And who would say - she just giggled.

Somewhere at this point I woke up, but falling back asleep got linked to this story, but not too logically.

Saffy (AbFab) had to stay home washing dishes and had told Titikaka (AbFab) to take MetalLady on metro across town.
Moments later, Saffy had a "vision" of Titikaka and MetalLady standing in a small closet-sized space with (surprise, surprise) metal walls and said "What have I done".
Even aware of her responsibility to wash the dishes, she ran to save MetalLady (do I feel stupid writing her screenname instead of her name? damn I do!).
Of course, things were going as Saffy envisioned them - Titikaka was getting with MetalLady in that metallic structure saying "Everyone uses cars these days..." which left MetalLady quite confused.

Did Saffy come to the rescue? I have no clue.
I suppose that she did since soon after that someone started giving lectures to someone (I suppose that might have been Saffy->Titikaka) and in the next scene, the one being lectured have turned into Bart and Lisa Simpson who had just laid around watching their fingers (the traditional "you're boring me" scene).

Moments after that Springfield Elementary had major problem with dirty dishes.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot to dissect this one.

- Why MetalLady: Post your head thread
- Why the first mate: Because we really have to edit a movie for his uni
- Why the second mate: Because he invited me to a "party" where I would actually do some shit in Flash for his friend's birthday (whom I possibly don't even know)
- Why the short hair question - Because I still can't get fully over the fact that I had to cut over 20cm of my hair and that I was comparing my hair length to those of years before. However now I am aware that my hair was crap in the last year when it was long since the ends were 10x thinner than the root
- Why Saffy and Titikaka from Absolutely Fabulous: I watched AbFab before going to bed + I've been watching it for last month (have obtained all the episodes, and now I watch a new one each time I have lunch or smth :))
- Why metro: 'cause I've been discussing about Belgrade government's plans for light-metro with a friend
- Why Simpsons - Dunno, possibly 'cause I recently "created" a DVD cover for "Simpsons - Season 18" and that I looked at it yesterday.



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Tonight I dreamt, amongst other things, that I was bored!
How dement is that?

Now for a quick wank and I shall be off to bed again! :P


Ur Jordens Dream

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I dreamt twice this night (in two separate dreams) that my Ur Jordens Djup package was in the mailbox!

Apart of that, a friend o' mine turned into predator and was hunting me 'round my own house, to which I started thinking how convenient would it be if I could digitalise myself and hide on random places on web.

So, after my Ur Jordens Dream I was eager to check my mailbox.
Guess what - a yellowish-brown padded envelope was in :D
But, it wasn't UJD - 'twas a package with some DVDs a friend from Croatia had sent me :D



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Last night I was in England with family and friends.
Walking on the quay, at some point I asked our tour guide "How far are we from London?".
"463km", he claimed. Again I asked "How long is England, anyway?", to which he responded "463km".
That amazed me, as we have obviously been on the "other side of England".
Though, I started thinking since when is London on some edge from which one would count those kilometres, but didn't feel like going in deeper on that.
Across the sea we saw Norway. It was so close that we jumped in and swam towards.
The side we swam to had no shore we could get out on, so we swam to the other side of the shore ('twas a gulf of some sort).
When we were close enough to the shore, I touched a giant cube of ice and was thrilled how I actually "touched Norway". Btw, I don't remember being cold at all and as we got nearer to the shore it was sunny, spring-like weather.
We climbed onto a concrete-based shore, to realise we've got no clothes on.
Seeing some beach towels on the grass, we asked the gypsies who were near them if we could take them to which they laughed.
I think that I miraculously started wearing an army-green shirt which was long enough to cover my naughty bits, as I had no other clothes on.
Then, they introduced us to their family - they had 4 sons (all in range from 11 to 16 years of age) and each of them had a defect of some sort and accompanying name (such as Deafy, Dummy, and such)

* Unfortunately I had to leave for uni and stopped writing here, thus I forgot some details forth on *

Even though I recall having some adventures with the gypsy family, I can't recall which.
The next thing I remember is that I was still wearing the said shirt, but I was in Rijeka. Some friends of mine and myself were trying to find some underwear so I wouldn't have to worry about the length of the shirt any more. That was the tricky part since even in the city centre no stores selling clothes were about. We even went to "the forbidden shore" (where it was utterly dark and everything was in the greyish-green tones). We asked some youngsters if they know where do their parents buy them underwear (since it was obvious that only parents knew the secret place of underwear world).
Defeated since we couldn't finish our quest, we went back home.
In a while, my Dad came back from work saying that he managed to find something, but that it might be inappropriate.
It was supposed to be 10-pack of undies, but when unpacked it turned into 10-pack of synthetic pants, which were just too big for me (in both length and circumference). I looked back at my father in confusion (with "Are you a complete idiot?" look) and he said "Well, I did think something is wrong with them... Well, feel free to take them back" after which I looked at him again thinking "Yes, I should walk around the city half-naked again... Sure, why not".

Next thing I remember I was fully dressed (yay!) and on some party. Lots of kids (10-ish) were around the kitchen, and their parents were in the living room. I went to the kitchen to take some orange juice and said some joke mocking the Bosnians (*) to which all the kids giggled. When I entered the kitchen, a fat kid eating a cream-whipped ice-cream looked me with the saddest look saying "...but I am a Bosnian...". To make him feel better, I claimed "Naah, you can't be!" and went on taking my juice.
However, I couldn't hold it in and I laughed quite loudly saying "Sorry kid, with that head of yours and such an accent, you're a prime-time Bosnian".
Then he, or some other kid, got angry and wanted to punch me. As he was taking his swing, I put my fist on the spot so he would hit it (which I planned to turn into one of those metal "handshakes"). But, as he hit my hand, he hurt himself by hitting my ring and started running to the living room crying and shouting for his mother.
I got pissed, took my jacked and said "fuck this, I'm leaving". Some chick that was around looked at me as if she wanted me to stay, but my mind was made and I left.

Now I was at Henri's place on a small move-in party. All of us there spent the whole day showing the city to Henri. As we came in, he introduced us to his wife (who was some redhead ;)) and I presented myself by both name and nickname, though saying "Dachaz... iliti Darko" with obvious use of Serbian slang between the two names. She looked at me strangely for that, and asked me if I also wasn't from around to which I responded "no, I live just next door!".
Then all of us started drinking, talking (in English) and at some point the wife-person started kinda hitting on some bloke who was there. Henri got pissed, walked out on the balcony and had brought their baby son in shouting "Remember THIS?". As I was closest to the door, I took the little bugger and was amazed as he was the prettiest baby I had ever seen. I even claimed that out loud, and people started agreeing with me, one by one.
At the other end of the room Chandler and Monica, from Friends, were sitting. I fingerpointed at Chandler and said "you wanker, why are you afraid of making one yourself?". Monica backed me up on this, of course.

Then I woke up.

* for the US people who know of Bosnia just as just another warzone - the joke, of course, wasn't referring to the war but to the prejudiced ones how Bosnians are the dumbest nation with the biggest craniums.

I have honestly never seen a pic of Henri's son, nor of the baby's mother, but there's just one thing I hope and that is that Henri doesn't keep his kid on a balcony! :D



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I came back ultra-tired yesterday and I fell asleep at 9.30PM.
I dreamt so much crap that I didn't manage to remember almost any of it except for this one:
I was in a post-apocalyptic-type of future sending a disfigured and burnt zombie-like person through a time portal.
Now I was in the "present time" sitting with my wife in a hospital of some sort. I asked her if she was ok to which she nodded with a smile.
I looked aside and caught a glimpse of the zombie-woman who, actually, was my wife. I knew what went wrong and I knew what should I do to fix it.
The zombie woman was supposed just to be a blink in time, but she had apparently stayed in our time as my wife saw her too and said with shivering voice "that... that was me".
The next thing I remember is the zombie-wife chasing the proper-wife telling her that she shouldn't marry me and some other stuff.

Top of the notch, as usual ;)



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In first dream I had a terrible nosebleed. To top it, I had that cosmetic ani-zit thing on my nose and it was getting dryer and stiffer. I couldn't breathe but through the mouth, and that was tough call since I was talking.
Once I took the thing off my nose, there was blood everywhere and my hand got rather bloody. Trying to turn on the light in the bathroom I smeared blood over the wall and it had nice red hand-prints.

Second one is blurry, but involved riding bikes (Pony bikes, to be precise).
I was driving with someone through "forbidden zone" (cut through fence and driven on the clear road). What did we do over there, I have no clue, but when we were coming back the same way we were kinda frightened if someone would catch us. Then we saw some other people riding their pony bikes in the same area and we felt just fine.
We got to the only building in the area which was a ground-level building (with no additional floors) and had a kiosk and a bar/fast food of some sort. The two of us weren't that hungry but we knew that we must eat something before we go over the border, so I decided to check what's available in the bar. I climbed some stairs (as the bar had high ceiling and thus had some stairs around) to see what's on the menu, but was disappointed and decided to go for the kiosk.
The woman working at the kiosk was lazy to help and said if I wanted anything that I should come inside and get it myself. So I did.
The inside of the kiosk was unusually large for a kiosk - it was the expected width and height, but its depth/length was about 5 times the ordinary. Also, all the insides were wooden with badly connected planks. Another fun thing is that there was no proper door, but that one would have to open (in a door manner) the front side of the kiosk to get in.
The stuff I was looking for was on the inner side of the door, so I crouched to get the yoghurt which was hanging on some barb-wire. I had risen quite fast and surprised a gal that was waiting to pay for some newspaper she took. I smiled at her with the craziest smile and continued looking for stuff of my interested.
That's about where that part ended.

In third one, I lived (or was on a holiday) in a small flat next to which was my mom and aunt's flat (I think). I went over at their place to pick up some tech stuff and I noticed that it's quite hot and steamy in there. I already had a suspicion of my own what could that be, but ignored it for a moment.
Minutes later, mom (or aunt) asked me if I knew what was going on as it was getting rather steamy thus I went to my flat and checked if my guessing was right. It was - the steam was coming through the bars on the floor and I knew that it was Robot Devil's deed.
Came back to the other flat, told what is on and, of course, got the strangest looks.
So, I went to some supermarket thing of sort where I wanted to check about Robot Devil on the internet. I asked a guy next to a bunch of stacked retro-style 10-inch monitors that I needed to surf internet, when he said that it's Power Sales National Holiday and that he's obliged to play the "cheerful tune". He instantly took some crappy radio out, pressed the button, started dancing and singing to the tune while I imitated him for a few moments and then got boring of it.
When he was finished, I told him that I want to surf the internet about the Robot Devil to which he replied "that requires the connection 'from below'" and went to get that. Meanwhile, I was left in front of the crappy terminals, and started typing something. Someone shouted that I should type "Hail (something)" and I went on typing it in the "HAAAAAAIIIIIL (something)" manner. The moment I typed the "HAAAAAAIIIL" I realised there's a "HAIL" button on the keyboard and I blushed to my n00bness. When I was near completion of the writing, the salesman started to pull me away from the keyboard for some reason, when I got pissed off and said that I shall go to the Robot Devil this instant, unprepared - thanks to him. I took a spear, went to the middle of the room where Robot Devil's mangler/elevator was which, luckily, didn't work. Pointed the spear down and jumped inside.
Down it was all white and pimped, Robot Devil welcomed me to his fine arts gallery. I got pissed and divine and said that I've had enough of it, and I started running 'round the outer ring of the "gallery" leaving everyone inside that ring. Of course, I ran faster and faster until I was just a smear of fire spreading around. First it was fire, but the moment Robot Devil tried to stop me water came through. I cited the bible on the great flood (possibly badly) and from the ring of fire the great flood came killing everyone who was there.
When finished, all was black as burnt and beside me was a small angel-rabbit-like-creature that was the remains of Robot Devil.
I stated that the leftovers of good in his heart enabled him to survive the anger of god (and by god, I meant me).
But, instead saving him and taking him to the lands above, I just threw him back where newly arrived evil robots cooked him and ate him.

Part four was directly linked to this one thus I'm starting to believe it was the same dream.
I threw the said bloke over my shoulder as I walked towards the exit. Some little girl was walking beside me. When we got out we were in the middle ages, on some rock-based fortress. Walking through the many people gathered some blond girl started pointing at the girl walking next to me and shouting "Witch, witch!". I asked the simple men around me where do they burn the witches and one of them pointed below the bridge we were on. As he pointed I pushed the blond one down saying something like "who's the real witch now?".
People who were with me asked me whither I have overreacted but I convinced me that the reaction was proper.
Then there was something about that kid walking beside me missing, and that she had an evil brother/sister who never wanted her to come back and hoped for it, while I was trying to prove him/her wrong.
After that I was sitting in my class and thinking something related to arm-wrestling with a mate (who was boring everyone to arm-wrestle with him yesterday).



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Last night I dreamt that I can touch the air.
I could feel the various shapes in the air, and it was magnificent!
True that most shapes were pillow-like and that all the shapes felt like caressing a pillow - still it was magical to touch the very untouchable thing that the air is.

With dreams like mine who needs drugs and movies? :D



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I can't remember some stuff at the very beginning of the dream but I couldn't have written it this morning as I was hurrying for the uni.
So, I was at a bus-stop which at first resembled of the one on the highway near my home. It was early winter evening so it was quite dark and all the street lights were on. Across the street I saw some people being molested by the cops. Ran across and realised that those were some Bulgarian street sellers. For some reason I stood up to their side and told them, in Serbian, not to worry as the cops have no right of molesting them, then told cops, in English, to sod off (in a polite way) as they can't molest someone for not knowing their own language. I don't know why those cops spoke English, but they did. After they went away I once again told the Bulgarians that they have nothing to worry as no one has any right to molest them, even though I know they're illegal immigrants, but still.
Hiked a bit to the right with one of the Bulgarians (in the direction my bus would have headed if I didn't cross the street firstly) and after some time decided to cross the street a bit before the Zebra crossing. We actually ran across quite near some cars of which one was a black police car. The moment it passed us I knew they'd fine us for improper crossing. However, while the cop was getting out of the car the Bulgarian went away and I, myself, grabbed my wallet on instant taking 1000din out. The cop gasped and said "way, man, good work" (in Serbian, can't pick a proper translation so it wouldn't sound sarcastic as it was honest), took my money and said that fine is 10? (800din), gave me my change as well as 10din extra since I was so direct. I thought to myself "yeah, thanks" but was glad he didn't go all shitty on me.
Decided to hurry up going back the way I came from (only on the other side of the street) as some friends are waiting for me on the trolley stop which I started from. Notice how bus stop turned into a trolley stop :)
I decided not to hike the main path next to the street, but the one parallel to it, next to the seashore. By that time it was clear daylight, somewhat about noon. Coming to the station I noticed none of the friends expected to be there were actually there and that there's an empty trolley just about to leave the station as well as overcrowded one behind it.
Decided to run into the empty one and call a friend on his mobile to see where they are.


The other one from the same night:
Two friends o' mine and I entered my building in the usual way. They went to the elevator so they'd go up to my place, but I went to the basement to change playlist on iTunes (??!?!?). I went two floors below the surface where it was dark (of course) and it wasn't the basement as it actually is but was as any other floor in the building - with flats 'n' everything.
I went to the last one in the right wing, as it was the flat of my best friend which I was supposed to look after while he and his family are away (not related to that iTunes playlist, nor anything else is).
Since I was naturally afraid of the dark hallway covered in spider webs (after all, it's two floors under ground!) I grabbed the doorknob with great force and pushed the door inwards real hard as I expected something unwanted to be inside as the door wasn't locked.
Walked around the dark rooms while being on alert trying to find that creature I decided that is in.
When getting to an old closet in the darkest of rooms I was certain that the creature was in, but I have no idea was it there or not.
Next thing I know I'm walking around the flat with the feel of ease and as I stood in the kitchen for no reason, thinking, I got scared by mate's mother from my back.
Afterwards she thanked me for keeping the flat in order and cursed me for not eating the pancakes she had left for me. I excused myself saying that I thought those weren't left for me, and instantly took one (since in that "thinking" part I was thinking whither I should take the pancakes or not).



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I dreamt that it was my birthday, though I was 27-30 or something.
Two colleagues of mine were sitting in my room and were staring at me. At some point I realised they saw me as a woman. Note that those colleagues are the people I never saw before but knew that I was working with them.
Later on I noticed that one of my SD cards is missing. Checked under the desk and found a 2GB mini-SD and a 1GB SD card, though neither was the one I was looking for. I went out to check if the one lost was in my jacket, but it wasn't. Then a colleague of mine and I dug through the dust under the desk and found the SD as well as my rings (where for some reason one of the rings I have was there twice) and some old devices which had only one port which looks like USB.
After the breaking discovery the other colleague started staring at me again. I asked if I was a woman still to him and he said that he couldn't tell due to my barefacedness.
Went to the bathroom to find out I'm bloke to myself, supposed that am to them as well, but had this blue-black warpaint, no beard, and my hair was short and in crazy colours. I cursed BeerMan for shortening, and Ribby for the colours (I come here too often, don't I?). Combed the hair and it looked a bit better but I still looked goth-pop/emo/Japanese... or something. Washed the warpaint off, but my hair was still black with blue and red parts. From this point on I wasn't watching through my eyes any more (prolly 'cause I realised that wasn't myself) and I started using external cam ;) Went back to the room, which became big and blue and many co-workers were there, mocking myself and carrying a couch around as if they were to do a psychoanalysis of myself. Told them to fuck off. They tried to force me to it by using a dog and a vacuum cleaner (as that was supposed to break me down, or something) but it apparently broke one of them down :) I don't know what had happened to him, but there was a dead cat as well and a woman walking side the north exit seeing it.
Everybody but me went to the east exit to a veterinary clinic, but can't remember why.
I went north, where I met with a local pop singer of the early 90's. For some reason the person that used to be me told her "I can't... (dramatic pause, eye contact) ...thank you enough for what you did to my hair". Since I was in external mode, I thought that he was a wanker and that I would have said "can't...forgive" but what the hell. The moment old trump thought she had me, or him, Sarah Jessica Parker showed up... for some reason.
Then came some sequence of random people randomly greeting themselves... And so.

Interesting thing this about external view - many of the recent dreams were in that mode, where I didn't act in them and just watch them, like movies. That's so cool I can't tell ya :)



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As for this morning's dreams (I can't believe that laying down at 4AM induces dreams so much): First I was in a black SUV, supposed to drive my parents home, late at night. The moment I entered the SUV I pulled the handbrake so car wouldn't go anywhere, but for some reason every time I'd take a look anywhere but straight through the windshield the car would start moving. Mom was in the car and we were waiting for Dad, so I was looking to the rear-view mirrors quite a number of times to see if he's going, and as many times car has gone forwards. At some point the car went quite far, to a crossing on a downhill road, when I decided that I should put in reverse and go back to pick the poor man walking all his way to the constantly moving car. I didn't see shit through the back of it, but I somehow managed to go back and pick him up. Then I drove them through the streets of New Belgrade, commenting how this car is a piece of crap since you can't see shit through the windshield as it is designed in a most terrible way having some plastic elements right across it (really, it was a terrible design). Next I know, I was to go right on a certain semaphore but was in the left-most of the 4 tracks. Instead of switching to the one of the right tracks, I said something how people are insane and drive from left tracks to the right and vice versa, so why should I be better - thus I took a right turn from the left-most lane, and a huge american-style truck (with the long container thingie) took a turn left from the right-most track...
Immediately after, I was out of the car, pushing two identical trucks like one which cut my way down the street (but as if it was a model street, and those were a model-trucks... or I was just a giant which was more likely but I haven't felt so). It's funny though, when I was to make both trucks turn left I had to start flashers on both of them, and the brilliance in me decided to press the flashers on both of the trucks and they started :) Of course, they turned off after taking the left turn, since those were real trucks, y'know :)
Pushing them through a long boulevard which ends by my residence (IRL, as well) I found many passports laying around, of which one of my neighbour, but without his picture... The first thought of mine was (when I saw the first passport) that I somehow managed to drop my passport, but then had realized that I didn't use it recently.

Now, the second dream, involving the same SUV :)
I don't quite remember the start of it any more, but I was some bloke minding his own business when someone kicked the shit out of him, just out of blue.
Walking forwards in ripped clothes and with a smudged face, a triad member shows up. I, being bloke, saw a cop nearby, but he was facing the other way, so he didn't see when this wanker cut me arm with some fancy knife.
Walking forwards, just hoping to get back to the car, I saw another cop facing me forwards. Then the same triad member showed up and went towards me. I begged of him not to do me twice in the same day for which he nodded and just left away. The idiot in me nodded towards the cop who saw the chinese dude, and the cop decided to follow him. The moment he turned by the wall the triad was behind, I saw parts of cop's body just about everywhere. I knew he'd kill me in a similar manner now, and I didn't even try to run. Of course, he did kill me, but the moment he did, I started seeing through some teen's eyes who was standing next to the SUV, looking how the good man is killing me. He was the triad's friend, or was working for him... don't know, however he, being I, started opening the trunk and commented that we should use alternate routes (and not highway) so that no one would find the body in the trunk.
He went in the car, and I went around the car to enter it, but when I opened the door my (nonexistant) younger brother was sitting there and someone was sitting at the driver's place, and finally my father on the co-drivers place. I yelled at the little wanker to move so I could enter, and he did. After minutes of driving, I said to my father "you could at least drive faster, when you killed the mother"...

Good stuff.

For the last one I was explaining an idiot whom I was working with (thank you Kali for the chat about him, now I dreamt of him) how to make a Pizza since he has never done anything on his own. For some reason, I used two ovens and was making different layers in different ovens, and since he "helped" and turned the ovens when he thought he should nothing came out properly... And in the second oven were potatoes... Fun.
After I checked the potatoes, I was no longer with previously said person but was in my grandmother's flat. I checked out the instant pudding baggies that she has and was amused since they weren't of usual size but longer. Didn't surprise me much since grandma has always had stuff that's different matter-less if it is for good or bad.
After helping 'round the house a bit, I heard some old lady's voice. I then asked grandma if she did hear the same and she said that she thought she was. On our second attempt to hear, we heard "Marry christmas day" (though in Serbian) in a very rough voice. Grandma said that it was her neighbour and I nodded, and went to the room I was in just moments before. Surprised, I saw the woman who was talking to us from the window in that room! She said "Do all the witches look like me?" and then laughed. I made a polite yet witty comment, and grandma came in and hugged the witch-lady as if they were the friends from childhood.
We sat down and started chit-chat, she wanted to know what am I studying and such, so I started the boring story about my university.
After some time, the scenery changed again, and I was on a L-shaped couch with some girl who wanted to know the same (about my university) and I wanted to know about hers.

And then I woke up :)



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Many dreams joined into one this night, I should have been smarter and had it written the moment I woke up, but instead I went watching telly and now I've forgotten some of it.

At first I was with Professor, and he said that I should pick a vehicle. There were four of them, and they were labelled as "up, down, left and right". What did that mean, I don't have a clue, but each of those could "do" only the side it was labelled and the other ones were "locked" to it. I chose the "down" one. I actually remember seeing down arrow being lightened and the other three being greyed out.

Next thing I remember is that I was sharing a flat with a couple of blokes in an old building. We were thinking that it might be fun to kidnap the neighbour's daughters, but have eventually decided to go for a robbery instead. I came in when the rest of them were almost finished and I remember taking their bed to pieces. We went back to our flat (which was on the same floor, just across the hallway) and as the last of us was exiting the apartment we just wrecked, the neighbour-woman came in. Although she didn't do just anything, he freaked when he had gotten into our place.
Hours later, the daughters decided to come to a party we apparently threw. The same guy started freaking out again thinking some of them might recognise him, but then I told him that he was wearing a mask and that it wasn't them who saw him, so he chilled.
As we were blokes sharing the apartment we instantly started checking out the neighbourines. One of them was too young for me, and I started looking for the other one who albeit young was on my "bottom limit" when someone told me that they have a third, oldest sister who is just bit older than me. I went looking for her.

Now I was sitting with her in an garden on what seemed to be a hill. We were sitting in those cheap garden chairs around a small table. It started raining. At first I thought it would be a mild rain but then it started pouring like hell. I grabbed my PDA from the desk and started running through high grass towards her house. It was a bit cavernish. When I entered, it was mighty dark and the only person inside was her grandfather. Didn't sound quite like fun, so I went out. The rain was stopping, so I headed some place - not sure where, but as I took a corner I ended up in a town (even though the previous scenery was completely countryside-like). I remembered that place as it is was the corner from which I had taken right before and ended up at her place. I decided to do the same again, but have miraculously ended up at the same corner. This time I turned left and started walking through the allies.

At some point I met the Professor again, not sure whither it was before the gardening part or after, however I told him that those girls have got vehicles that "can" all 4 sides and he was utterly shocked.

I haven't used any of the vehicles mentioned, and I'm not sure if I even knew what did they look like (I have a picture of a wide yet utterly short (about 10 inches) kinda box-looking metallic thingie, though am not sure if it was a product of the dream or the later thinking about the vehicle).

I nearly forgot: just before waking up I was in my bathroom with my hairdresser presenting her with all the hair-care stuff I bought and asked if I made a good pick. While saying that I did, she cut my hair totally short and I freaked out, yelling that I was trying to regain my previous length and she did that, when she said "oooh, in that case, nothing to worry". I woke up panicked (as I usually do when I dream my hair being cut off) and instantly reached for the head to check the state ;)



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Last two nights I had Halo-inflicted dreams.
Like, two nights ago, the scenery was as if my room had turned into, well, scenery (at first, it wasn't tiny people running on my floor, but rather some majestic nature-made scenery which is coincidentally arranged like stuff in my room). Many people were fighting in Mortal Kombat style and the side I was on was losing, so I ran up to some plasma canons and started shooting down the battlegrounds. After some time I was sitting on my desk, looking down the people at the battleground and commenting to my aunt how the fight was unfair since they had MK champions (or some comment like that).

This morning I dreamt something about being attacked by Monitor's sentinels (who has played Halo knows of which I am thinking). Don't remember quite much of it, but it was quite fun ;)


For I am psychic

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I had the coolest psychic dream ever: I dreamt of my brother/cousin baking a cake (and a trippy one, I might add).
When I woke up, the first thing I did was sending him the summary of the dream via Skype. Apparently, he wasn't home but his wife was, and he was just ringing her from work asking wether should they buy a cake or bake one :D

They opted for baking. ;)



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I've been having trippy dreams recently.
I was too lazy to write them down so I recall only one of them:

I was about to meet with my friend's parents whose house I inhabit every summer (which was due to fact that I was actually going to see them that day). Standing where we were to meet I saw them going into a nearby mini market. I took a glance through the window and saw Bule (the father) buying half dozen flour bags and about the same amount of cooking oil. I just smiled to that knowing that he's a prankster and has crazy ideas. Vera (the mother) then tried to get out of the store but the stairs were extremely high so I had to help her. While helping her up I realised that she's in form of my next door neighbour, which I ignored at the time. The two of us went down the street and hailed a taxi. Several moments later we realised that Bule wasn't around so I got out and started running back toward the store. The street was rather autumny - dark trees with orange leaves all around. I saw Bule going across a rather springy green field and realised he found a shortcut to my house (which, in reality, is non-existent). But a moment later I saw four kids, about 10 years old, gathering around him. One jumped on his back and as he was carrying the flour and oil he couldn't defend himself. I ran as hell towards him and kicked the shit out of the kid who attacked him. Kid managed to get up and all four of them ran down the hill towards a house which had barb-wire for a fence and was rather in bad shape. One of them commented that we'll see more of their wrath as they're parentless rebellions (or something like that). I though they were talking bull and went home with Bule. Vera was already there. It was a cosy mountain cottage surrounded by snow, with a fireplace to keep us warm and barely two large tables for 4 persons each. We sat there peacefully for some time when I noticed the four rebellions coming our way. I shouted for a shotgun but everyone told me that I'm mad and will get myself killed so I asked for an axe then, and got a tomahawk. By the time I got out the kids have already gotten to the other side of the house. I think that one of them tried to shoot me, and I tried to throw tomahawk at the guy next to him. Surprisingly I shot him straight in the forehead and he fell down. Realising that I'm good, I got another one down. The other two were taken by someone else, don't know by whom but I just saw them fall. Then someone started to panic as we did assault the kids. So I got them all to get up and run home (surprisingly all of them were alive, though I'm not sure how could two kids with tomahawks in their foreheads run but hey, it was a dream!). I told Vera and Bule to get the first bus to Croatia and they'll be fine since no one will look for them there. We split and I woke up.

The other one included killing stuff as well, so did one a week ago where I had a FPS-like experience (killing dinosaurs in a hospital... crazynessss)



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Just dreamt that I had a little brother. Actually, the little wanker has just recently been born (as in, I went to the hospital to see him for the first time) and he first cried like an ordinary baby, and then, just seconds later, started talking to me as if he was 1 year old. I looked towards my mom asking "How old is he again?" and she told me that he already wanted to start school of some sort to which I replied: "Haha, the little bugger is just like me -- good luck! ;)".

Beleive it or not, I currently feel as if it would be fun to have a bro that little now.



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OK, I feel like someone has been broadcasting movies into my dreams since I've had 4-5 of them in last two nights:

Two nights ago:
The dream started in an elevator, similar to that in Eiffel Tower. I went to the corner since I realised it's going to be crowded (was empty at the time I got in). It got crowded, and some gal stood next to me. She had accidentally stepped on me, and blushed for that. The elevator went down, and we ended up in some marina, on some kind of a singles-get-dates party. I was already making progress with the lady from the elevator, and she seemed to have liked it. We got near the "welcome dear friends" stage, where the hostess matched some latino guy with that elevator gal o'mine. She looked me, a bit confused, but went for it. (morale1)
I went on by myself, and have gotten into some opera-like hallway, where lots of Blind Guardian fans were sitting together, singing and talking along. I realised it was day-before-concert "opening" party, and I joined them. After talking with some people for a while, the professor showed up. The people I've been with recognised him and greeted him. He was glad to see them, and was glad that we were mostly singing. We asked him if it bothered the concert he was going to conduct when he smiled and said that hallway we were in was made just for what we were doing - singing with good acoustics, yet not bothering people in the halls. He had to go, but we continued what we were doing.
After some time, I heard some gal singing, terribly, and someone said that she's doing an impression of Bebi Dol (Baby Doll - local pop singer of the early 90's) I was dying to see that, so I ran up the hallway - and the gal was actually good at the impersonating, though for some reason she kept her bra mispositioned, so that her boobs actually came out. Well, that's not far from Bebi Dol's style.
I decided to go to the room on the left. There, people were gathered around a TV watching Blind Guardian videos. Still, lots of single gals were around.
I sat down, started being friendly, noticed that my best friend was sitting just behind me (shook hands with him), and so on. Apparently there were two gals who were on the same wavelength as me, and we started deeep conversation, when out of nowhere a girl I wanted to be with, Marijana, "accidentally" fell over me and "accidentally" hit one of the gals with her arm. The gal commented that unless she's protecting her territory should better watch it, when Marijana made the "I'm so innocent" face. (morale2), (reference1)

Last night:
Well, these are two dreams merged together, since between them was just one walk to the toilet involved.
I was entering my elementary school's yard, and was surprised to see many older-looking kids around (reference2). After going deeper in the backyard, I saw many goth-looking people around, and was even more surprised. As I was going to the certain corner of the school, there were more and more of them, so I realised (when I got closer) that corner, actually, leads to some small goth-quart. For some reason I decided to go through. It was a bit astonishing that all of the women had red page haircuts (I don't know if 'page' is the proper word - the pulp fiction gal-like). That quart was like lots of narrow passages joined together, and on every darkened corner there were some people (which I couldn't see) mumbling something at me (the same mumbling at all of the corners). At some point, there was a street-bar where an non-goth-looking dad had a approx. 2 years old daughter with the same page haircut everyone else had, but being pink instead of red. Near the exit, I saw a friend of mine (reference3) and I waved to her, yet she didn't wave back. I mumbled something to myself how she's all bitchy when she's among her gothic friends. (somewhere about this part the first dream ends and the second starts) I sat in a chair which started moving, like an ordinary transporting vehicle. First I passed by that same friend again, and went driving forth some straight hall (like central hall of a shopping mall) at a high speed, avoiding people. After some time I realised I got inside Sava Center (business-cultural-shopping centre, just across my building) and calculated where should I drive to, so I'd get out and straight home.
I entered some huge ballroom, and did a bit of a slalom among the armchairs, but then I lost my speed drastically and stopped. I gave my piece of wood with wheels (yes, my driving chair has turned into some strange looking skateboard at some point, don't know when) to the janitor who was cleaning the room and commented how my slalom thing was not smartest move I made.
I realised that, according to my previous calculation, the door to the left would lead to the main exit so I went there. I found myself in a 1x1m room with three doors (plus the one I came through). All of the doors were leading - nowhere, so I thought that janitor was trying to kill me (or such) and I force-pushed the door I came in through. They hit the janitor, and I thought how good would it be to push them several more times upon him, to get back on that bastard. I did so, two more times. When I got out, I saw janitor confused and hurt, when I realised he wasn't up to anything. I started making excuses how I felt the door was stuck and that I got paranoid. He nodded, as he believed in the story (actually it seemed that he wanted me to believe that he swallowed the story).
I explained him about where I want to go, and he said he'll lead the way.
We went through the door on the other side of the room, and starting climbing up some grim-looking cave. When we got up, he did some strange cleaning, and was saying something to me. We needed to go back down (though it wasn't the same place when we got there) so I jumped down the hall we just climbed and realised it was a BIT deeper. At that time I knew that there was some huge spider-like creature whom I had to face if I ever wanted to get out, and while hanging of the wall I asked the janitor when to go to him. He said that spider-guy is usually tolerant 'til 17h, but that he kills everyone afterwards, though he said that he's collecting his money and always goes down at 17.30. I asked him "what about the killing part?!" to which he replied "he would know that something is wrong if I came in the tolerance time, and then he'd kill me".

Now that was some serious trippin' :)

After waking up, and falling back to sleep I dreamt of some reality show being held in open-air - at the main city square of Belgrade, and that there were some people in a pool. I thought how I never could get out the pool and take a shower on the main square, like they did. From one of the streets a strange race was about to start - it was some kind of bicycle race, but there also were lots of people who would run (?!). I stood waiting for the start, when after a gunshot I noticed that something was wrong (i.e. someone had started before, and they were getting back to place).
It became dull after a while, so I woke up.

Now, please notice that I didn't add anything up to these - they're as dreamt.
There was something more about it being winter, and me being late for uni - though I don't recall that completely.

morale1 - I've been told that I've got wrong approach with women - I tend to be their friend, and when I manage that they don't want to ruin the friendship with a relationship
morale2 - I've also been told if a gal shows low interest when offered a lot that I should go for other gals, and that would get miracles back
reference1 - The night before the dream I've talked to a friend of mine how he should give me my concert ticket already, and we were tripping the gals how the concert (BG) would be cancelled
reference2 - Yesterday was entrance exam for elementary school graduates. I saw one old-looking 15-year-old kid doing the exam in the news, so that must be related
reference3 - I was commenting this gal's pic on gayspace a day or two ago, so it must be related



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I had a really fucked up dream last night: two men in suits came to my house so we'd discuss website I'm doing for them. In the middle of conversation one started being aggressive. I shouted: "Why are you yelling at me when you're pleased with my work?!" and then he tried to attack me. I looked at the other one, and he was confused as much as I was. The crazy one tried to attack me again, but I managed to grab his arms and cross them, so he could do nothing. After a struggle, I shouted for my family who gathered around, cast a spell and the evil guy got transformed into a lanyard/keychain!!
Pissed, I started hitting the wall with the lanyard (and therefore hurting the transformed guy), but then someone of my family had stopped me as I should not kill him since even he is a lanyard, there'd be a possibility of me going to jail.
Then my father made me a special vest and attached the lanyard to the back of it, since lanyard itself seemed to be concentrate of pure evil.
I went out to some kind of forest. It seemed to be night, even though the two men came during the brightest point of the day. I don't quite recall what I did next, but I think I wanted to burry the lanyard.

Insane. I've never seen the two men (in the suits) in my actual life, but this is under the influence of two things: me writing an e-mail to an unknown guy about a certain programming job; and me cleaning my drawer and deciding I should put a lanyard I got on beer promotion to some place other, but never actually did.

This was one of my famous beer-inflicted dreams.

A couple of nights ago I had even sicker dream (though not a beer-inflicted one) in which I had a detachable penis (?!?!) that I decided not to mount since I went to military med-checkup.
That was a bit worrying in the morning...



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Had the craziest sleeping ever - I laid quite early - about midnight, and all I remember is seeing ",;:;,", opening my eyes somewhere between cca 4 and 5AM, seeing blue sunless morning sky and saying "How the hell did this happen?" :lol:

Afterwards I had 3 dreams of which 2 are no interest to you (being that they're just about my family) whilst in third one I was seeing through eyes of Bart Simpson who was harassing the arse off some guy who was harassing the Simpson family :)
Funny thing is that Bart broke some ancient computer of his, when his assistan said "Le't find a PDP then... and learn how to use it" :D
(for people less techie - PDP is ye antique computer)

On the "How the hell did this happen" remark - I had something like that several months ago, when I woke up in the middle of the night asking myself "How the hell did I get here?!". Mind you that I wasn't drunk (when I'm drunk, I hardly can wake up in the middle of the night :D)


Last night I had a G4 Mac.

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Though, I managed to break down the keyboard in the first minutes of use.
Luckilly, the keyboard was under warranty, so I took it back to the shop.

Before that, I was on some party which was mixture of everything in past 24hours - in the first room, as we entered the flat, was a couple of mates whom did I lend my PS2 some time ago. We were about to play some Mortal Kombat (which I did just before bed). From the next room came a certain person from my high-school class whom no one did like (whose e-mails, dated 2001., I found in my inbox). I decided to go to the room on the left.
There were some random people, and I felt like going to the loo, which was in the room next to it.
Lots of people were in front of the toilet, yet the toilet had some retarded door system, with spring, hook and a metal bar. When I got out, there was a gal saying how depressed she is, and that she needs a shag desperately. I told her that I'm not into that, but could fix her with someone.
Then I went back to the PS2 room, and went to the room on the right.
I saw Nightwolf lying on the rocks. I thought he was just sleeping, so I went to the next room.
There I saw Li Mei, laying down decapitated. I went to the next room.
I saw transformers-like robot that was torn apart.
By that point I knew that every next room would have something dead in it, and that I'd have to fight something the first time I decided to go back. So it happened ;)
I decided to turn back, and by that very second some robot showed up. I tried to attack it before it initiated battle, but as in all games of the genre - I couldn't do anything before battle would officially start.
By that point I decided to wake up :)


Two nights ago my gf-to-be was talking about her friends from high school and how they eternally are connected, yadda, yadda; so I dreamt of her friends (whom I never saw, actually). They all came in pimped cars, and she popped into some convertible's back seat.



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OK, so two nights ago I dreamt that I was one of three alchemist dwarves on eternal quest to save the worlds (something like Power Rangers, but only more magical).
On the last of the quests, we didn't manage to extract the evilness from a certain girl, and we decided to give it up and to go back.
When I came back home, my parents were watching the news seeing that she is after us. My mom started commenting something like "Haha, she's never gonna get you", where I instantly mimicked her to stop talking.
She started laughing and said "As if she's gonna hear me..." to which I replied with a shout: "Well, what do you think how do we find them?".
It was minutes after when a strange policeman came in sniffing around my room. I knew that she had sent him, and I grabbed my cellphone to call the other two of the dwarves (whilst which I was pissed 'cause one of them is a mate o' mine who never answers the phone), and started looking for some weapon I could find in my room.
For some reason, I was left only with toy-looking crap, and I picked the only one which actually had some blades on it (still toy-looking).
I removed the plastic shielding while leaving the room, and there I saw my mother by the open door. I told her that the "policeman" was sent by her when my mom responded "No shit, Sherlock!".
Then out of nowhere, "policeman" came back in and took me by the neck, when I started sawing through his neck, while he kept standing as if nothing was happening.
I knew that I'd kill him only by the moment I cut through his whole neck, side-by-side, however, before managing to do that Burzum woke me up with some "Iiiiii meeeeloooom buuuskenaaaaar..." (that's my waking-alarm :))

Morale of the dream is - I have to get my battleaxe back in the room, since I can never be certain when am I going to need it.

The other one was this night, where I dreamt of some parrot that had bit me hard on the back, and wouldn't let go.
Since it was neighbour's parrot, I couldn't just hit it, and so I was going around with it on my back, hurting the hell out of me.
Then I got mom to take it off somehow, and we managed to close it in our bathroom (even though it tried to get out while we were closing the door).

I'm not sure what is it with the evil parrots in my dreams (having that this is the second time a parrot was biting something out off me), but it surely is fucked up.



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Haha, I just recalled an insane dream I had some nights ago - I was on some party in someone's enormous flat.
There was this fat chick who went from boring to aggressive so she kept chasing me wanting to hurt me. Funny thing is that I managed to keep hurting her in each of her attempts to hurt me, without using any force but her own.
I clearly remember her attempts to open the door which I kept half-closed just by keeping my foot to it, whilst she kept pushing them with all of her might (and had, therefore, been hurting herself).

Pissing laughter to have something like that in head.

The second thing was during the exams week when I haven't been sleeping well and had this thought running through on waking "...so we're transferring the electricity through the pigglets... No, wait, that was for friday's exam..." :D



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Last night I had two dreams, of which I can't completely recall the second one, however:
- I was at my ex's, having that her apartment was identical to mine, except for all the furniture being "mirrored" to their position in my house. We were setting the bed up for some sleep, when her freaky mother decided to come back from the trip. (The very woman tripped that I was a drug dealer the whole time I was seeing that gal... Freaky)
So, I had to be polite and friendly, even though I was going to bed.
Of course, she slept with her mother on the couch, while I slept alone (in a bed for two :D). However, when I "woke up" she was next to me, saying that her mother has gone to work, or smth.

Mind you, the whole bed thing is only for the sleeping reasons, definitely inflicted by me being tired of studying for yesterday's mega-exam.

The second one, again, had something to do with me being a microprocessor...


OK, I just found out that I'm psychic.

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I had a dream before uni started about some random things among which was a girl from the uni whom I didn't know at that time but have met some days ago :o
I can't fucking beleive that I matched name, looks and the fact that she's in my uni BEFORE I even knew that someone like that exists.

And it's not the first time my dreams have come true.

Therefore, I'm even more definite on writing all of my conceptual dreams down.



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Last night was totally random: first I got this PDA/Smartphone I was planning to buy, but it was all messed up, and my uni colegues were making fun of it.
Later on, the Caesar lost the tiarra he was given by the Gods, and had the most childish-like reaction over it ("I'll just say that I left it at home").



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Hm, yes - two nights ago I had a somewhat S&M dream - it involved needles and pins (and sex, of course).
Uh, that one was nice :D

Last night I had one of the famous beer-inflicted dreams in which I was binary coding lots and lots of numbers (coding, then manipulating, and finally "putting" them back), and so was some girl standing next to me.
Interesting stuff is that I woke up at some point (with the heavy alcoholic aftertaste in me mouth) and that I "consciously" did the thing from the dream, to put myself back to sleep.



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I dreamt that I dreamt that I was in Rijeka but that I was heavily sick for a week and haven't been out of the house. Then, on the last day of being there, I decided to go out and visit all my friends who live there. Then I woke up (in the dream) and I was laughing to my dream, took my cellphone and sent the contents of it to a friend living there. Then I woke up again (this time for real).

While taking a mid-nightly wizz, I was thinking of my earlier idea of parallel universes and dreams being our connection with them. That came to me since I had "recurring" dreams - not one night after another but totally randomly - some even came back after a couple of years (not the exactly same dreams but the ones that are logically a sequel to each other).

Just imagine that someone in a parallel universe might have dreamt of all those times you have a strong memory of...

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