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Yet another fantastic summer in Croatia

Published on , in Roadtrip
Yes. it certainly has been a fantastic summer, thanks to Ružica and her family (Maja, Vera and Bule) who had provided us with everything we needed. I certainly hope that it was as interesting to them as it was to us (myself, my mate AntA and Ružica's cousin Tanja).

To keep it short, I'll just quote my cellphone's calendar entries:

06.08.2005. : Arrival (4AM), drinking, beach, other social activities
07.08.2005. : Rain, Billa, beer, funny clips, Anta gets shitfaced
08.08.2005. : RI, Trsat, centrum, Game Master, Tweety, playing cards
09.08.2005. : beach, Ruža's reherseal
10.08.2005. : RI, cont, Maja, Opatija, Ana, Linda, Nevija
11.08.2005. : running through the woods, Lovran, Tanja cooks, playing cards
12.08.2005. : Them: Medveja, Myself: visiting grandparents, Opatija, Maja, opera, Ružica and Anta getting lost
13.08.2005. : Beach/Medveja, Beach/Bosnar/drinking
14.08.2005. : Beach, Billa
15.08.2005. : Anta and myself being fascinated by Satelite TV, Anta cooks, playing cards
16.08.2005. : RI, cont, Ana, BBQ, Sofija, Opatija, t-shirt
17.08.2005. : Pula ... sucks
18.08.2005. : Opatija, souvenirs, beach, RI, cont, taco, Bard, Guinness, Kalvari, Maja's birthday
19.08.2005. : The evil people are leaving, RI, Dante, Ana, Yamaha, Gorana's place, earphones, mountain bus, running through the woods, fixing Windows
20.08.2005. : Alone, computer, Edi, gift, Ruža's show, Edi and myself getting shitfaced
21.08.2005. : Fancy dinner, As, candy, cont, Maja
22.08.2005. : Opatija, t-shirt, up the hill, Billa, RI, cont, taco, Maja, goin' home (departure at 10pm)
23.08.2005. : What a wonderful fog! Followed by wonderful pictures!


The holiday joy

Published on , in Roadtrip
Had spent the whole day out - had been in the second most beautiful city in our country with 12 of my friends (city of Novi Sad, 80-90km north of Belgrade). Had been drinking at some seriously cheap rates, had feasted on a great lunch, seen the best pubs in town, played some pool and overall had fantastic time (except for the last hour when the prick asses (native city guides - our friends from the city) had decided not to use public transport but to run 'round the city for an hour)
Unfortunately, we didn't go to the "MB" brewery as we planned to (thus we didn't get free beer)... However it ain't THAT bad.

And all of that for ~12€
(2 train tickets, 2xbeer for the train, beer in the pubs, food in the restoraunt)

The great amount of pictures from this event shall be uploaded some time soon.

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