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While everyone else is asleep, I'm awake. When they get up for work, I go to bed. I don't believe in mornings, and sleep through them. I can sleep ridiculously little, but only if I start from 6AM - if it were to end at 6AM I'd be sleep depraved.
I haven't been using Windows for almost 5 years now, yet I'm your support contact when it fails on you.
I'm a tech-geek, but I'd rather talk about music, beer or lifestyle in general.
I absolutely love music, yet I'm a music-nazi. My taste is mismatched to everyone else's, and I'm gonna randomly hate something that should match to my taste, or love something completely berserk.
I'll recommend you some rather obscure TV series, but will fail to hear about your latest and greatest TV hit.
You'll comment on how my taste in movies is crap, yet I'll have hard time being serious while watching bollocks you recommend to me. It seems like everything I prefer is "badly acted", yet everything I watch with you is badly written for starters.
I'll have no clue about what's in the news (since I've turned telly off several years ago, and I'm not touching it), yet I'll happen to grab the very piece of news you didn't yet hear about.
I'm blind to cultural trends, and I'll occasionally hook up to one years (or even decades) after it goes out, not even realising that I did.
I wear geek shirts to concerts, music-related shirts to lectures and shirts that scream 'informal' to work.
I'm a gourmet who's giving out tasty recipes while on a boring diet, feeling less uncomfortable than you are. I'm up for crazy food, yet I don't like quite a number of elementary stuff.
I'll complain about your smoking, yet will buy you fags if I'm popping to the shops already.
People compliment on my American accent, which I'd prefer to lose.
I'm picking up British culture, even though my heart and future are in Ireland.
I still enjoy studying, even though I graduated.
I spent a lot of time working through high school and uni, yet I'm putting down job offers now when I should be taking them. World is in "economic crisis", yet I'm being offered good job positions more than ever?!
I never drink and drive, yet I'd let select drunk people drive me home.
I'm in love with you while you're with someone, yet I'm completely blind when you're picking me up.
My dream travel destinations don't include beaches of exotic islands - they're a bit more on the extreme, and way more personal than that.

...and that's why you love me.

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