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If websites updated themselves

Published on , in Ranting
It's been almost 6 months since the previous blah entry and, unfortunately, even longer since the last website update. So many times have I thought of the great wisdom I should have shared in blah but never found time to, as well as the many feature upgrades that should have be done. But, alas, these thoughts used to approach me just before I'd fall asleep, and many a time would I ponder what would it be like if I could just WiFi my thoughts into my computer and let it do the magic :)
However, it struck me the most when someone pointed out that I used to, at least, keep my photo galleries fresh with the recent social activities, yet that I failed to upload anything in the last year. Thus I decided to right my wrongs and have started collecting the missing photos that were the prime excuse for my idleness and have started modelling the minor upgrades to the website itself.

Now, a month later, something has been done.

First of all, data has been updated to be more accurate: dead websites have been moved to their rightful places in the list, current running ones have been updated, personal info on the adequate pages has been updated (you might notice that a colleague of mine and I won a certain competition, especially having written this in bold), etc.
More importantly, photo galleries have been upgraded and now they should be loading faster as I've drastically reduced the number of requests sent to the server per gallery and have enabled the thumbnail caching. Not only that but they should be easier to navigate having that now you can use Left and Right arrow keys on your keyboard to go back and forward, and hide the currently open photo by pressing Escape. Finally, now you can clearly see if a photo has a comment associated to it having that each such photo has a small icon in the top-right corner as well as the fancy mouse-over hint displaying the comment.
But what will surely shake your pants the most is the fact that I've uploaded 3475 new photos, and that now you know what to do this weekend :D
To make it easier for you, the galleries are listed below, in reverse chronological order:
Old Town (2 photos, 68kb), Five days in Java, Awards ceremony (4 photos, 160kb), Žika's 24th birthday (5 photos, 240kb), Petrovac na Mlavi (225 photos, 13.9mb), Vinski Podrum (4 photos, 216kb), Kilt approval party (91 photos, 3.6mb), United Kingdom (2046 photos, 115.1mb), Croatia (Lovran, Istra) (895 photos, 49.9mb), Skupština (15 photos, 524kb), VMC (3 photos, 104kb), Labour day BBQ, Zvezdara (72 photos, 4.9mb), 31.12.2007. New Year's Masquerade (79 photos, 2.9mb), Imagine Cup '07, Serbian Finals (4 photos, 120kb), Irish Pub (27 photos, 1.2mb), Nina's 19th Birthday (3 photos, 112kb).


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