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New game launched - Yamb

Published on , in Programming
Even though I constantly keep saying that I hate game development, and that games are one of my least favourite things to program - this one was an exception to the rule.
It was mighty fun making it, if for no other reason than the fact that it's completely done in JavaScript!
Since it would have been rather stupid launching a subdomain just for Yamb, I decided to publish two games I did earlier for uni purposes. They're mostly crappy, yet somewhat fun.

So, head on to my new Games Microsite for some in-browser gaming goodness :)


A short trip to The Hague

Published on , in Dreams
I arrived at the corner of Conradkade and Laan van Meerdervoort at the earliest hours of the morning - the streets were still empty and sun was merely showing signs of life.
Looking down Regentesselaan I knew that I was short walk away from my cousin's place, but I needed to start on my own so I went for a walk in the opposite direction.
Having that it was so early in the morning, I was a bit sleepy, so I managed to doze off while walking, just to open my eyes about 100m further, on some strange piece of green from which, looking back, I could see only the rooftops of the buildings in Conradkade. My eyelids were still quite heavy, so after they shut again for a moment I shook my head and had walked through a bush, ending up on the middle of the street.
Running over it, I realised it was President Kennedylaan, and that I'm just in front of Museon.
I stopped for a moment to think where could I find some apartment to rent, or even better - where to find some students' dorm, which would have to be cheaper.
At that point I realised I don't have any luggage - neither a suitcase or a backpack. That gave off a little hint of all this being a dream, but as I was running away from everything, I ran away from that thought as well. Literally.
I was running like the wind, away from Museon and Omniversum, through the streets that were still dark.
Finally, I ended at a pier of some sort, and the sun had shown its rays. It was just then that I realised that I was running parallel to a body of water, and that I'll most probably have to go all the way back to get to the other side.
Then, I thought I could find a boat-home here, so I went forth. Going forth I saw a small bridge to the other side, just a few tens of meters in front of me, but the wind was so strong that it kept pushing me back, so I gave in.
Going back, I was lucky to find another bridge across, and while crossing it I started thinking about how I should go home, how I ran away just before an colloquium I studied for and how I'd just screw myself up with skipping it, but then I started thinking about what should I tell my parents about where have I been, and then the most brilliant idea crossed my mind - I'll say I just went to buy some sneakers!
So, I had to buy some sneakers for this story to hold ground. They will turn out to be quite an expensive pair with the plane ticket added to their value, but it was better than nothing.
Walking into a shop I got strange looks because I, obviously, entered just moments after they had it opened.
Looking around I found nothing to my liking, so I went through to another shop within this one (they shared the same entrance but had the separate displays and everything).
In that one, the woman working there tried to be helpful, and had asked me what was I looking for, but strangely, that was in Serbian. Having that this whole trip of mine was about running away, I just said "Converse", trying to look confused and to avoid any communication in alma mater.
On my way out, she showed me a single All Stars-looking model they had in the store, but I just shook my head in dislike.
Walking to the main exit, I saw the first store's employee having her legs on the stairway, almost blocking the main exit. A bit confused, I managed to gently open the door and go out, where was another employee of the store saying (also in Serbian) "you could do it like this" and who pulled the door to the opposite side.
When I finally gout out, I walked a bit and had realised that I'm on a far end of Laan van Meerdervoort.
Laughing in complete certainty that this can only be a dream, I had decided to text a mate o'mine and tell him about it. I ended the SMS with "...and I sure bet that when I wake up it'll be 00:01", and started the "force the eyes to open" routine I do whenever I consciously want to end a dream.

It was 06:01, so that was off a bit ;)

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