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Who's a metalhead now?

Published on , in Ranting
There's still quite a number of people who keep calling me a "metalhead".
In my book, "metalhead" is someone who listens to (almost) nothing but metal and in more extreme case lives/breathes for metal.
Having that I'm very open-minded when it comes to music and that I don't particularly care for metal as a phenomenon that much any more, this label has grown to be of a patronising kind to me and it bothers me when someone insists on applying it to me.

So, please, pull up to your senses!

What initiated this entry are both my eclectic-taste results and my last.fm tag cloud which I'm presenting below:

 8 bit   8-bit   80s   8bit   alternative   alternative rock   avant-garde   avant-garde metal   bitpop   black metal   blipblop   bossa nova   british   chillout   chiptune   chiptunes   classical   comedy   croatian   dance   death metal   electro   electronic   electronica   experimental   female vocalists   folk   french   gothic metal   heavy metal   icelandic   indie   indie pop   indie rock   instrumental   j-rock   japanese   lounge   math rock   mathcore   metal   new wave   noise rock   piano   pop   post-punk   power metal   progressive metal   punk   punk rock   rock   serbian   singer-songwriter   soundtrack   swedish   synth   synth pop   synthpop   techno   trip-hop   visual kei 

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