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Doctor Who

Published on , in Dreams
I've recently discovered Doctor Who and have been watching the show quite intensively, thus it has affected my dreams.

Unfortunately I've forgotten half of the dream, but the first thing I recall is that a small number of us was safe inside a small bar, while virus-infected brainless zombie-like population was outside.
The team inside was consisted of me, Natasha Flame, bartenderesse, an ex-hippie in his late fifties, and a guy who was quite impulsive in the end, but did the things right.

I don't remember how, but I found out that there's a girl in trouble somewhere outside, that is not infected.
The only thing I actually remember is running towards the safe bar, with her, through the zombie masses, while holding her hand. We managed to get in, so it was just one more of us in the room with no idea on what to do.

The girl was really freaked out by zombies pushing themselves onto a window, so we rolled a thick yellow curtain to calm her down. Having that Natasha Flame was sitting next to that window and working on a device of some sort, she ended in quite a dark and while asking us to provide some light, took her stuff and went to a back room.

Being closed in for quite some time in the only safe spot nearby drove that hippie mad. He used the moment we spent concentrating on calming the new girl down, and Natasha Flame's anger bit, to disappear.
I think that bartender-chick suggested that he went out with a belt of dynamites to clear the situation a bit, which he did. We received a phone call from him saying that he's not yet one of them. I took a quick glance through the window and saw him being discovered by the zombies. The next thing happening was a big explosion that made our dent a little.

Another phone call came in, from my elementary school friend/ex guitarist Mladen.
In great panic I started explaining how he must shut his door tight as those zombie-things might be everywhere, and that only a touch is required to get infected.
I gave the phone to the girl I previously saved 'cause she wanted to hear him as well, but the very moment she got it next to her ear, her face grew pale, and her body seemed to have frozen in shock.
Asking her what's going on, she said that she thinks Mladen's brother got infected already as she heard him repeating a single word over and over.
Freaked out, I grabbed the phone back and started yelling for my mate. Confused, he responded asking what was the fuss all about. When I explained, he laughed and said "my brother was just playing that stupid pika-pika(chu) song, relax, also there was one of the zombies in front of my door, and I just growled at him and it started going away".
"Brilliant!", I shouted, "you're a fucking genius! How could I have forgotten that little bit - while I was running in with that girl, I growled out of fear and anger, and the bastards moved on a bit!". Thanking him, and having that they've turned out to be safe, I told him we should try to get something done over here. Jokingly, he asked me whether he can have rights for the book about what happened there, and I said that if we survive, we'll write one, and he can have all the credentials. However, I suggested that he should ring us in some time to check whether we're still alive.

Having this done, I went to check on Natasha Flame. Her computer screen showed that she's uploading something via torrents, but somehow I knew she had the vaccine ready.
The other bloke still in, opened the back door to have one zombie come in. Originally, the vocalist of Six Feet Under was there for nanosecond helping the guy, but apparently he disappeared, thus I jumped there to growl the bastard to a couch, where the other bloke vaccinated him.
We repeated this so many times, that sometimes I would seem to run out of voice, which would have a zombie reset himself to the default "I will kill you" state.
The last person we saved, before I woke up, was my father. I remember telling him to go away now, and that a DVD started playing.

That was that.
I did think of how fucked up "The Empty Child" episode of Doctor Who was when I was going to bed, so the influence is obvious.
Btw, Natasha Flame got her name while I was waking up - I though how I'd tell Audrey that it would be cool if she was called Natasha Flame, at which point I "realised" that was the name of a girl from the dream :)

Update: I just watched the first episode from the second series of Doctor Who, and guess what? It has virus-infected zombie-like creatures which infect others by touch!

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