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Awfully dreamy

Published on , in Dreams
I had a rather cartoonish dream just now.
I dreamt that I got awfully rich and had turned into more of a snob than I already am.
While having an awful lot of fun with my awful snobby new friends, I saw an awful girl whom I used to care about awfully lot.
I reminisced about the happier times when I wasn't so awfully rich, looking down at my ruff and my all medieval, awfully large town key. Those times weren't any happier, but I knew I belonged there more.
I took the key, split it in half and smashed the head of the said girl with the ridiculously large key-head. It was awful - her dress got all messed up.
I knew it was the shackles for me, but I didn't care awfully lot - I was an awful person and I knew I'd just keep my character like that in the prison, which happened to be just up the awfully spiral stairs I was climbing already.
I had new enemies, just by entering that awfully large and colourful place. Some NBA-looking folks hated me either for the awful things I've done to that girl's head, or for the others I've killed in the meantime.
Oh, yes, I got a perfect skill of throwing surgeon knifes at people's back, just like that. And I didn't bother awfully lot to use it.
While shoving the second knife into one of NBA's friends, I walked towards the awful-looking prostitutes whose names I already knew.
Those foul creatures were giving the various pleasures to that awful cartoon-selling guy from The Simpsons.

It was awfully dreamy.

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