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How cheap are you?

Published on , in Ranting
Previous poll's results had shown that 51% of you wouldn't pay even 100€ for a website.
I sure do hope you don't need one as no one is insane enough to do it that cheap.

It's rather sad how common people disparage the techies. We've spent whole lots of money investing in our knowledge and our computers, being our tools of work (and not toys as some still believe) yet when we charge for our services, we're rude if not worse.
How come that everyone expect their neighbour-techie to always fix their computers (be it software or hardware related), regardless the fact that if they hadn't known such a guy, some self-proclaimed professional would charge the hell out of them?
No, we're "computer-minglers" with loads of spare time, so why wouldn't we just make you everything that pops up onto your mind, for free? After all, it's not like we'd be doing a proper job, now would it?

Think again.

No carpenter would build you a whole lot of furniture just for a glass of juice and occasional pat on the back. Why don't you try finding an auto-mechanic which would fix your 20 year falling-apart junk, and ask absolutely nothing in return. Damn, most even wouldn't change your oil for free.

So, to see how cheap you really are, I've put on a new poll - to ask you how much do you charge for your professional services. After you've voted (hopefully honestly), think of how much have you cast before. 51% of you should be ashamed at that point.

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