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Published on , in Dreams
I just dreamt that I was sleeping behind the bar at a local Irish Pub, waking up at moments to check incoming SMS messages. At some point I thought to myself "Ok, I got wasted early in the morning, but I shouldn't really have slept here waiting for the evening and the other group of friends to arrive... Should probably have went home" :)

The next thing I know, I was part of audience (though I think I was just passing by) on shooting of some mixture of Who wants to be a millionaire and Music Idol. Some bloke about to enter the game had to answer correctly to some pop-idol-crap related question and he was pretty much feeling certain about his answer. The scenery where he stood and behind him was all in black boxes - like in Telenor commercials - which probably meant that they were the sponsors. I was playing with said blocks, pushing my head through intentionally left holes, shouting crap and such. When I had enough, I decided to check whither the guy has made it to the show, and it was just the moment he was saying his answer. Surprisingly to him, me, and all the pitch-voiced screaming girls in the audience - the answer was incorrect. I instantly realised that now I can enter the Who wants to be a millionaire quiz, and thought "money - why not".
While each and every of us remaining contestants were saying our names, the silly neon-lighted signs with what should we have said showed up, but since two guys said their names several times (while neon light signs kept changing) it all became desynchronised.
However, to enter I didn't have fancy questions like the guy who failed - I had to wrestle on blue bouncy Telenor boxes with the next candidate, and whichever wins enters the first round of the quiz.
The first match was a draw, but I managed to win the second. However, instead of my name a pink neon sign with "Marija" written over it was flashing and I told some technician to fix that.
This win qualified me to sit with a bunch of other people having their tasters for picking an answer. I realised this is some kind of elimination, like who gets the most answers right goes to real quiz, or something. However, sitting next to some bloke, I glanced through my own window and saw that my street has been completely reshaped with some sideway parking spots around the bus stop, and trees on each side of the bus stop. Looked quite trippy and rural.
The bloke sitting next to me started talking about the quiz and said that we're waiting for all of 20 places to be filled, and then I saw like a diagram of who's sitting where, with uncoloured dots where no one was sitting, white where people were sitting but haven't pressed anything on their taster, green for correct answered ones and red for incorrect. The guy told me that no matter where he start, he always get rid of the white ones (referring to some tetris-like game), to which I smiled in hope he'd shut up.
After a while, all 20 places were filled but instead of questions, we went to some mountain slope (on our left was a non-climbable wall-like structure, in front of us a narrow path, and to the right a light slope, some shallow water on the bottom and the fields where we came from on far right).
Originally, we were aligned on the bath by our entry numbers.
Not sure when was the moment when all of us were represented by tiny snakes, and the show host let a mouse to eat the said snakes (next round of elimination - whose snake isn't eaten, manages through). Of course, after eating first snake, the mouse got eaten by a bigger snake, and the bigger snake was eaten by a red and a very fast snake so in the end it all ended up by many stuffed snakes, most of them just lying at the path, the red one crawling my way, and I was barefoot and freaked out. Went to the other end of the path, hopping the snakes being lazy and full, but when I got to the end I didn't really get what I was looking for (whatever that might have been) and have decided to go back. Skipping the lazy snakes was no problem, but the red snake was leaving a trail which was a mixture of blood and its own slime to which I and a guy who was originally standing behind me made a very sour face.
The next thing that crossed my mind was "what if I could show hidden files" (referring to seeing insides of snake tummies) and instantly I felt as if I was squeezing one of the stuffed snakes, and that stuff was starting to come out of it.
That was mega-yuck and I woke up. Took me a while to get the thought of the feeling of snake being squeezed and all that from my mind.

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