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iPhone - it's what dreams are made of

Published on , in Dreams
Last night I dreamt that my dad had bought an iPhone :lol:
I was shocked since my dad usually tends to crap on Apple stuff just 'cause it's expensive.
To my even greater surprise, the iPhone wasn't a mono-block it actually should be, but a foldable type of phone (and even resembled of one of those Motorola razr/rokr/sabr/ridr/whichevr). Nevertheless, screen was multi-touch as the original is, and I had a blast playing with zoom :)



Published on , in Dreams
This afternoon I dreamt that I was on cellphone with a girl-friend-o'mine and that we figured out we're close to each other so that we should meet.
Soon after we went across a bridge that's half way between my place and her place (since we're in da hood) and ended up in some huge castle of sort, which was presumably representing the elementary school that is just there.
Walking down the spiral stairs I realised my teeth are falling out (as usual) but this time the rotten pieces of gums did as well.
For the first time having my teeth falling out in a dream didn't make me panic as it didn't felt as if my real teeth fell out this time (which it usually does) but as if I had some dental prothesis which just died off.
Trying to keep things falling out together (and not losing them), I met a mate o'mine whom I was supposed to go to circus (IRL) in few days and he said that he had decided to join special forces in military as he's not a type of guy to stand guard at the same spot the whole day, not being allowed to move around.
A big mirror was nearby so I checked my mouth, and everything was fine, so I was at peace. :D

Why do I have recurring dreams of my teeth falling out - I have no clue.
I usually thought it had to do with my untidy dental hygiene, but now that I got that in order (yay for big me :)) it doesn't make much sense.
Well, nothing else does as well, but still :)

If you wondered why the hell do I sleep afternoons - 'tis mighty simple - I go to bed terribly late (3-4 AM), get up for uni rather early, and feel like crap when I get back home.


Dreams, uncensored

Published on , in Ranting
I've finally gotten my paws on Finntroll forum's database and have (finally) extracted my dreams from it (strange place for archiving them in first place, innit? :))
There's a whole lot of them for you to read and there'll be a whole lot more once I decide to translate ones I have archived in Serbian.
Those of you who know me will enjoy this "new" feature, whilst the others will think that I'm just inventing things as I write. Either way, it would have been even more of the entries if I wasn't too lazy to write the recent ones ('cause I've started having 2-3 per night, and I tend to think they're getting too "ordinary").

Also, as soon as I've got more spare time I'm going to extract all "Good&Bad about today" posts from the database and post them here.

This blog is finally getting some shape, so feel free to enjoy it! :)



Published on , in Dreams
Last night MetalLady was paying me a visit.

I was sitting in my room with a mate o'mine whom had come so we'd do something for his uni. In the middle of it, someone rang at the door and I said "Oh, she's here already!" and left the poor ol' bloke alone in that room.
Getting her bags in, the first thing she said is "Oh, I thought you had longer hair?" to which I started explaining how I did have longer hair before I cut most of it and that now it looks especially short 'cause I've tied my pony-tail up high, to which she laughed. As she was tired, she just sat with my family watching TV, and I did as well, but since we were on the opposite sides of the couch we didn't actually talk a lot.
After some time I remembered that I left that mate alone in my room, and said that I have to go check on him. Once there, I found him half asleep and have said "You're still here?!" to which he replied "Whoa, it has taken quite a while this time, hasn't it?".
I sat at my computer to help him finish whatever we were working on, and few moments later another mate came in. I asked him if the party he was organising was that good that he himself left it first, and he made a witty response, as well, and sat at a computer in front of me. For some reason he had long-ish hair, even though he usually doesn't.
After some time a cunning thought struck me - a female friend from Hungary is sitting in my living room, yet I'm sitting with two people I can see any other day? Fuck that! - so, I left for the living room.
Somehow, I ended in Grandpa's living room, and MetalLady was in her sleeping dress, ironing her hair (yes, with an iron) which inflicted a seriously strange look on my face. And who would say - she just giggled.

Somewhere at this point I woke up, but falling back asleep got linked to this story, but not too logically.

Saffy (AbFab) had to stay home washing dishes and had told Titikaka (AbFab) to take MetalLady on metro across town.
Moments later, Saffy had a "vision" of Titikaka and MetalLady standing in a small closet-sized space with (surprise, surprise) metal walls and said "What have I done".
Even aware of her responsibility to wash the dishes, she ran to save MetalLady (do I feel stupid writing her screenname instead of her name? damn I do!).
Of course, things were going as Saffy envisioned them - Titikaka was getting with MetalLady in that metallic structure saying "Everyone uses cars these days..." which left MetalLady quite confused.

Did Saffy come to the rescue? I have no clue.
I suppose that she did since soon after that someone started giving lectures to someone (I suppose that might have been Saffy->Titikaka) and in the next scene, the one being lectured have turned into Bart and Lisa Simpson who had just laid around watching their fingers (the traditional "you're boring me" scene).

Moments after that Springfield Elementary had major problem with dirty dishes.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot to dissect this one.

- Why MetalLady: Post your head thread
- Why the first mate: Because we really have to edit a movie for his uni
- Why the second mate: Because he invited me to a "party" where I would actually do some shit in Flash for his friend's birthday (whom I possibly don't even know)
- Why the short hair question - Because I still can't get fully over the fact that I had to cut over 20cm of my hair and that I was comparing my hair length to those of years before. However now I am aware that my hair was crap in the last year when it was long since the ends were 10x thinner than the root
- Why Saffy and Titikaka from Absolutely Fabulous: I watched AbFab before going to bed + I've been watching it for last month (have obtained all the episodes, and now I watch a new one each time I have lunch or smth :))
- Why metro: 'cause I've been discussing about Belgrade government's plans for light-metro with a friend
- Why Simpsons - Dunno, possibly 'cause I recently "created" a DVD cover for "Simpsons - Season 18" and that I looked at it yesterday.

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