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An irreligious rant

Published on , in Ranting
Religion is a weapon of mass destruction and mass manipulation which should have been distinct in the past.
But, yes, people need guidance and I understand all of that.
However, in more civilised societies religion takes the smaller part in daily life - like base morals which people assign to religion and such. Take Islam for example - when I told a Muslim girl that I was an Atheist she didn't even know what is that.
When I explained it to her, she started to look funny at me and still couldn't understand how can I live my life if not in dedication to god...
I obviously do, and I live a good life.
I am an explorer, a visionary, an empiricist... I live my life at its finest and am not obsessed by things I can't explain in the means that I need to respect them with fear. Life is now, and life is short. If I don't dedicate it to myself and people who deserve it - I'm better off dead.

Why the hell did I type all of this to you - I have no idea; but it was a moment of inspiration.
And I guess I'm getting bored of this programming book that I'm reading :D

As BeerMan said: Religion is what people use when they aren't interested in science or sports..



Published on , in Dreams
Last night I dreamt that I can touch the air.
I could feel the various shapes in the air, and it was magnificent!
True that most shapes were pillow-like and that all the shapes felt like caressing a pillow - still it was magical to touch the very untouchable thing that the air is.

With dreams like mine who needs drugs and movies? :D



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I can't remember some stuff at the very beginning of the dream but I couldn't have written it this morning as I was hurrying for the uni.
So, I was at a bus-stop which at first resembled of the one on the highway near my home. It was early winter evening so it was quite dark and all the street lights were on. Across the street I saw some people being molested by the cops. Ran across and realised that those were some Bulgarian street sellers. For some reason I stood up to their side and told them, in Serbian, not to worry as the cops have no right of molesting them, then told cops, in English, to sod off (in a polite way) as they can't molest someone for not knowing their own language. I don't know why those cops spoke English, but they did. After they went away I once again told the Bulgarians that they have nothing to worry as no one has any right to molest them, even though I know they're illegal immigrants, but still.
Hiked a bit to the right with one of the Bulgarians (in the direction my bus would have headed if I didn't cross the street firstly) and after some time decided to cross the street a bit before the Zebra crossing. We actually ran across quite near some cars of which one was a black police car. The moment it passed us I knew they'd fine us for improper crossing. However, while the cop was getting out of the car the Bulgarian went away and I, myself, grabbed my wallet on instant taking 1000din out. The cop gasped and said "way, man, good work" (in Serbian, can't pick a proper translation so it wouldn't sound sarcastic as it was honest), took my money and said that fine is 10? (800din), gave me my change as well as 10din extra since I was so direct. I thought to myself "yeah, thanks" but was glad he didn't go all shitty on me.
Decided to hurry up going back the way I came from (only on the other side of the street) as some friends are waiting for me on the trolley stop which I started from. Notice how bus stop turned into a trolley stop :)
I decided not to hike the main path next to the street, but the one parallel to it, next to the seashore. By that time it was clear daylight, somewhat about noon. Coming to the station I noticed none of the friends expected to be there were actually there and that there's an empty trolley just about to leave the station as well as overcrowded one behind it.
Decided to run into the empty one and call a friend on his mobile to see where they are.


The other one from the same night:
Two friends o' mine and I entered my building in the usual way. They went to the elevator so they'd go up to my place, but I went to the basement to change playlist on iTunes (??!?!?). I went two floors below the surface where it was dark (of course) and it wasn't the basement as it actually is but was as any other floor in the building - with flats 'n' everything.
I went to the last one in the right wing, as it was the flat of my best friend which I was supposed to look after while he and his family are away (not related to that iTunes playlist, nor anything else is).
Since I was naturally afraid of the dark hallway covered in spider webs (after all, it's two floors under ground!) I grabbed the doorknob with great force and pushed the door inwards real hard as I expected something unwanted to be inside as the door wasn't locked.
Walked around the dark rooms while being on alert trying to find that creature I decided that is in.
When getting to an old closet in the darkest of rooms I was certain that the creature was in, but I have no idea was it there or not.
Next thing I know I'm walking around the flat with the feel of ease and as I stood in the kitchen for no reason, thinking, I got scared by mate's mother from my back.
Afterwards she thanked me for keeping the flat in order and cursed me for not eating the pancakes she had left for me. I excused myself saying that I thought those weren't left for me, and instantly took one (since in that "thinking" part I was thinking whither I should take the pancakes or not).



Published on , in Dreams
I dreamt that it was my birthday, though I was 27-30 or something.
Two colleagues of mine were sitting in my room and were staring at me. At some point I realised they saw me as a woman. Note that those colleagues are the people I never saw before but knew that I was working with them.
Later on I noticed that one of my SD cards is missing. Checked under the desk and found a 2GB mini-SD and a 1GB SD card, though neither was the one I was looking for. I went out to check if the one lost was in my jacket, but it wasn't. Then a colleague of mine and I dug through the dust under the desk and found the SD as well as my rings (where for some reason one of the rings I have was there twice) and some old devices which had only one port which looks like USB.
After the breaking discovery the other colleague started staring at me again. I asked if I was a woman still to him and he said that he couldn't tell due to my barefacedness.
Went to the bathroom to find out I'm bloke to myself, supposed that am to them as well, but had this blue-black warpaint, no beard, and my hair was short and in crazy colours. I cursed BeerMan for shortening, and Ribby for the colours (I come here too often, don't I?). Combed the hair and it looked a bit better but I still looked goth-pop/emo/Japanese... or something. Washed the warpaint off, but my hair was still black with blue and red parts. From this point on I wasn't watching through my eyes any more (prolly 'cause I realised that wasn't myself) and I started using external cam ;) Went back to the room, which became big and blue and many co-workers were there, mocking myself and carrying a couch around as if they were to do a psychoanalysis of myself. Told them to fuck off. They tried to force me to it by using a dog and a vacuum cleaner (as that was supposed to break me down, or something) but it apparently broke one of them down :) I don't know what had happened to him, but there was a dead cat as well and a woman walking side the north exit seeing it.
Everybody but me went to the east exit to a veterinary clinic, but can't remember why.
I went north, where I met with a local pop singer of the early 90's. For some reason the person that used to be me told her "I can't... (dramatic pause, eye contact) ...thank you enough for what you did to my hair". Since I was in external mode, I thought that he was a wanker and that I would have said "can't...forgive" but what the hell. The moment old trump thought she had me, or him, Sarah Jessica Parker showed up... for some reason.
Then came some sequence of random people randomly greeting themselves... And so.

Interesting thing this about external view - many of the recent dreams were in that mode, where I didn't act in them and just watch them, like movies. That's so cool I can't tell ya :)



Published on , in Dreams
As for this morning's dreams (I can't believe that laying down at 4AM induces dreams so much): First I was in a black SUV, supposed to drive my parents home, late at night. The moment I entered the SUV I pulled the handbrake so car wouldn't go anywhere, but for some reason every time I'd take a look anywhere but straight through the windshield the car would start moving. Mom was in the car and we were waiting for Dad, so I was looking to the rear-view mirrors quite a number of times to see if he's going, and as many times car has gone forwards. At some point the car went quite far, to a crossing on a downhill road, when I decided that I should put in reverse and go back to pick the poor man walking all his way to the constantly moving car. I didn't see shit through the back of it, but I somehow managed to go back and pick him up. Then I drove them through the streets of New Belgrade, commenting how this car is a piece of crap since you can't see shit through the windshield as it is designed in a most terrible way having some plastic elements right across it (really, it was a terrible design). Next I know, I was to go right on a certain semaphore but was in the left-most of the 4 tracks. Instead of switching to the one of the right tracks, I said something how people are insane and drive from left tracks to the right and vice versa, so why should I be better - thus I took a right turn from the left-most lane, and a huge american-style truck (with the long container thingie) took a turn left from the right-most track...
Immediately after, I was out of the car, pushing two identical trucks like one which cut my way down the street (but as if it was a model street, and those were a model-trucks... or I was just a giant which was more likely but I haven't felt so). It's funny though, when I was to make both trucks turn left I had to start flashers on both of them, and the brilliance in me decided to press the flashers on both of the trucks and they started :) Of course, they turned off after taking the left turn, since those were real trucks, y'know :)
Pushing them through a long boulevard which ends by my residence (IRL, as well) I found many passports laying around, of which one of my neighbour, but without his picture... The first thought of mine was (when I saw the first passport) that I somehow managed to drop my passport, but then had realized that I didn't use it recently.

Now, the second dream, involving the same SUV :)
I don't quite remember the start of it any more, but I was some bloke minding his own business when someone kicked the shit out of him, just out of blue.
Walking forwards in ripped clothes and with a smudged face, a triad member shows up. I, being bloke, saw a cop nearby, but he was facing the other way, so he didn't see when this wanker cut me arm with some fancy knife.
Walking forwards, just hoping to get back to the car, I saw another cop facing me forwards. Then the same triad member showed up and went towards me. I begged of him not to do me twice in the same day for which he nodded and just left away. The idiot in me nodded towards the cop who saw the chinese dude, and the cop decided to follow him. The moment he turned by the wall the triad was behind, I saw parts of cop's body just about everywhere. I knew he'd kill me in a similar manner now, and I didn't even try to run. Of course, he did kill me, but the moment he did, I started seeing through some teen's eyes who was standing next to the SUV, looking how the good man is killing me. He was the triad's friend, or was working for him... don't know, however he, being I, started opening the trunk and commented that we should use alternate routes (and not highway) so that no one would find the body in the trunk.
He went in the car, and I went around the car to enter it, but when I opened the door my (nonexistant) younger brother was sitting there and someone was sitting at the driver's place, and finally my father on the co-drivers place. I yelled at the little wanker to move so I could enter, and he did. After minutes of driving, I said to my father "you could at least drive faster, when you killed the mother"...

Good stuff.

For the last one I was explaining an idiot whom I was working with (thank you Kali for the chat about him, now I dreamt of him) how to make a Pizza since he has never done anything on his own. For some reason, I used two ovens and was making different layers in different ovens, and since he "helped" and turned the ovens when he thought he should nothing came out properly... And in the second oven were potatoes... Fun.
After I checked the potatoes, I was no longer with previously said person but was in my grandmother's flat. I checked out the instant pudding baggies that she has and was amused since they weren't of usual size but longer. Didn't surprise me much since grandma has always had stuff that's different matter-less if it is for good or bad.
After helping 'round the house a bit, I heard some old lady's voice. I then asked grandma if she did hear the same and she said that she thought she was. On our second attempt to hear, we heard "Marry christmas day" (though in Serbian) in a very rough voice. Grandma said that it was her neighbour and I nodded, and went to the room I was in just moments before. Surprised, I saw the woman who was talking to us from the window in that room! She said "Do all the witches look like me?" and then laughed. I made a polite yet witty comment, and grandma came in and hugged the witch-lady as if they were the friends from childhood.
We sat down and started chit-chat, she wanted to know what am I studying and such, so I started the boring story about my university.
After some time, the scenery changed again, and I was on a L-shaped couch with some girl who wanted to know the same (about my university) and I wanted to know about hers.

And then I woke up :)



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Many dreams joined into one this night, I should have been smarter and had it written the moment I woke up, but instead I went watching telly and now I've forgotten some of it.

At first I was with Professor, and he said that I should pick a vehicle. There were four of them, and they were labelled as "up, down, left and right". What did that mean, I don't have a clue, but each of those could "do" only the side it was labelled and the other ones were "locked" to it. I chose the "down" one. I actually remember seeing down arrow being lightened and the other three being greyed out.

Next thing I remember is that I was sharing a flat with a couple of blokes in an old building. We were thinking that it might be fun to kidnap the neighbour's daughters, but have eventually decided to go for a robbery instead. I came in when the rest of them were almost finished and I remember taking their bed to pieces. We went back to our flat (which was on the same floor, just across the hallway) and as the last of us was exiting the apartment we just wrecked, the neighbour-woman came in. Although she didn't do just anything, he freaked when he had gotten into our place.
Hours later, the daughters decided to come to a party we apparently threw. The same guy started freaking out again thinking some of them might recognise him, but then I told him that he was wearing a mask and that it wasn't them who saw him, so he chilled.
As we were blokes sharing the apartment we instantly started checking out the neighbourines. One of them was too young for me, and I started looking for the other one who albeit young was on my "bottom limit" when someone told me that they have a third, oldest sister who is just bit older than me. I went looking for her.

Now I was sitting with her in an garden on what seemed to be a hill. We were sitting in those cheap garden chairs around a small table. It started raining. At first I thought it would be a mild rain but then it started pouring like hell. I grabbed my PDA from the desk and started running through high grass towards her house. It was a bit cavernish. When I entered, it was mighty dark and the only person inside was her grandfather. Didn't sound quite like fun, so I went out. The rain was stopping, so I headed some place - not sure where, but as I took a corner I ended up in a town (even though the previous scenery was completely countryside-like). I remembered that place as it is was the corner from which I had taken right before and ended up at her place. I decided to do the same again, but have miraculously ended up at the same corner. This time I turned left and started walking through the allies.

At some point I met the Professor again, not sure whither it was before the gardening part or after, however I told him that those girls have got vehicles that "can" all 4 sides and he was utterly shocked.

I haven't used any of the vehicles mentioned, and I'm not sure if I even knew what did they look like (I have a picture of a wide yet utterly short (about 10 inches) kinda box-looking metallic thingie, though am not sure if it was a product of the dream or the later thinking about the vehicle).

I nearly forgot: just before waking up I was in my bathroom with my hairdresser presenting her with all the hair-care stuff I bought and asked if I made a good pick. While saying that I did, she cut my hair totally short and I freaked out, yelling that I was trying to regain my previous length and she did that, when she said "oooh, in that case, nothing to worry". I woke up panicked (as I usually do when I dream my hair being cut off) and instantly reached for the head to check the state ;)



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Last two nights I had Halo-inflicted dreams.
Like, two nights ago, the scenery was as if my room had turned into, well, scenery (at first, it wasn't tiny people running on my floor, but rather some majestic nature-made scenery which is coincidentally arranged like stuff in my room). Many people were fighting in Mortal Kombat style and the side I was on was losing, so I ran up to some plasma canons and started shooting down the battlegrounds. After some time I was sitting on my desk, looking down the people at the battleground and commenting to my aunt how the fight was unfair since they had MK champions (or some comment like that).

This morning I dreamt something about being attacked by Monitor's sentinels (who has played Halo knows of which I am thinking). Don't remember quite much of it, but it was quite fun ;)

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