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I apparently am a role-model to some of you

Published on , in Ranting
At first I was rather annoyed. Seeing websites that copy the concept, layout or even the design elements from my own websites made me pull my hair and yell at people. But now I realize that I should consider that as an approval of the quality of my work and therefore I salute you.
Thank you, all of you who haven't got your own ideas or sense of style for proving me that I'm a good designer. Thanks for using my concepts, as it proves that I have a developed sense of organization. Most of all, thank you for visiting all of my web-projects and tracking all the stages of their development.
But remember one thing - you won't get far by just copying ones who are better. Microsoft may have gotten away with it, but people can tell the difference between the innovators and plagiarists.
So, at least be polite and honest to admit that you have copied the ideas, concept or the elements from others and try not to present them as initially yours as you'll get your arse in trouble one day and mommy will be far away.
As well, people like you make lives of people like me (and those better than me) more complicated since the potential employers have lost their faith in freelancers due to being ripped off by quasi-developers and con-artists presenting themselves as top of the notch experts and producing, well, crap.

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