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A fireside chat with nutonmychin6903

Published on , in Ranting
I never understood what is spam all about, i.e. who benefits of it?
Ok, the anti-spam and the antivirus companies, I guess, but what's the point in an e-mail that contains random sentences and an image or is promoting a shop that don't exist (or similar)? (maybe I would understand if I used Windows and it decided to crash after opening such an e-mail ;))
However, I'm ever amazed by programmers spending their rather precious time on developing such stuff. Just this morning I was contacted by the best-programmed spam-bot I've seen so far.

Friday, December 29, 2006
03:06 zi... anyone there?
03:08 well annyway, guess your not there?
03:11 jussst came back
03:12 hold on a sec. be right back
03:17 ok im bqck. sorry bout that. still there?
03:17 for now
03:17 oh your there hi....
03:18 a/s/l (age sex llocation)?
03:18 let's skip the crap, shall we?
03:19 im 27/f/USA. was lookin at your profile. thought you might like to chat.
03:19 so whatt have you been up to cochobamba?
03:19 what a good bot you are
03:19 bot? whats that? somee kinda insult or something?
03:19 it's a type of candy
03:19 cool. i was just hangin out watching tv.. i was getting kinda horny (*blushes)
03:20 I bet you have
03:20 feel like a little cyber fun witz me ? please please...
03:20 naah, let's go for a real thing
03:21 well i can give you the real thing.. but lets get to know each other first thhen maybe we can visit
03:21 knowledge is the path to suffering
03:21 oh well your loss. why dont you open up my profile and see what you missed out on. theres a link there to my homepage where i have some real nice pics to leave with.
03:22 I will try not to do that

Looks like a chat with a real person except for the fact that replies were coming back faster than it'd require anyone to think of them, not even to type them. The best trigger was the one where I commented how good bot it is, and got a whole sentence back in a nanosecond.
Other than that someone did a nasty good work:


Give nothing - expect nothing

Published on , in Ranting
I'm tired of so many things, both physically and mentally.
So many things are wrong and there's no way of fixing them.
What's the point in setting the alarm clock for the morning if waking up early won't make me feel more accomplished but just more tired?
Why am I expected to do things your way when it's not a good one? Why do I have to fight to do things my way when you're aware of my greater productivity when I do so? Why do you cherish people with plenty of time for wasting and punish me for using all of my potentials and doing things better but in a different manner?
How can you forget decades of respect over an argument you started? Who gave you the silly idea that treating me with disrespect won't give you the same treatment back?
I'm randomly addressing all of you who are someone's bosses, professors or relatives - the fact that someone mistreated you doesn't give you the right to mistreat someone else.


For I am psychic

Published on , in Dreams
I had the coolest psychic dream ever: I dreamt of my brother/cousin baking a cake (and a trippy one, I might add).
When I woke up, the first thing I did was sending him the summary of the dream via Skype. Apparently, he wasn't home but his wife was, and he was just ringing her from work asking wether should they buy a cake or bake one :D

They opted for baking. ;)


What the hell happened to me?

Published on , in Ranting
I used to be surrounded by women. All the time. No, really, I did.
Most of my friends envied me for that, but I never realized why. Now I do.
Where did all of them go? I can't tell. Some of them just turned nasty, while some of them were just unfortunate to be friends of people I'm not friends with any more.
So was she.
I met her while getting back from the pub.
She had obviously been a friend of a friend since I never was in a conflict with her, but haven't seen her for two years, at least. I couldn't remember her name, until she said it to a mate who was with me. I still can't recall whose friend she was. I have several theories, but no real clue. We went different ways, obviously. At least I did. I stopped going to random black metal concerts (a really long time ago), and it was just a thing she was coming back from. Can't blame her - it was a rather good concert - at least for those still interested in that stuff.
She looks good. Really good, actually. Better than when I used to know her. Either that or I'm totally wasted. I dare not to think the latter.
Will I see her again? - I really don't know. I hope I will. I know I'll try.
I still wonder what is she thinking right now. Is she sharing the same thoughts as mine. Or at least similar. Will she be asking her friend, who was my friend, if she is friends with me still? Probably not. Would be nice, though.


It's December

Published on , in Ranting
My favourite month of them all.
Is it because my birthday is just around corner? - Yes.
Is it because about a dozen of relatives and friends have their birthdays in December? - Yes.
Is it because New Year is so near? - Yes.
Is it because of the snow? - Yes, though the lack of snow can ruin the mood.
I can't think of a better month, actually. December even tops July, the month when the glorious summer break starts.

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