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E-mail is working, again

Published on , in Ranting
You might have wondered what the hell was going on during the last week as you couldn't e-mail me properly, and I had promised that everything will work forever and ever... Well, it was my bad this time.
I decided to set my mail exchange to go through Google's GMail and I had set the MX records incorrectly. However, NAThosting admins have fixed that and now I'm available, again.
For those of you who didn't know, Google is offering a neat bunch of apps for your domain.
So now Google controls 66.6% of my e-mail. If my faculty decides to switch to Google mail apps it'll go to a complete 100%.

Should we fear the domination?
I say yes, but not just yet. In 10 years Google will enslave us all, but as for now: Blessed be Google.



Published on , in Dreams
I've been having trippy dreams recently.
I was too lazy to write them down so I recall only one of them:

I was about to meet with my friend's parents whose house I inhabit every summer (which was due to fact that I was actually going to see them that day). Standing where we were to meet I saw them going into a nearby mini market. I took a glance through the window and saw Bule (the father) buying half dozen flour bags and about the same amount of cooking oil. I just smiled to that knowing that he's a prankster and has crazy ideas. Vera (the mother) then tried to get out of the store but the stairs were extremely high so I had to help her. While helping her up I realised that she's in form of my next door neighbour, which I ignored at the time. The two of us went down the street and hailed a taxi. Several moments later we realised that Bule wasn't around so I got out and started running back toward the store. The street was rather autumny - dark trees with orange leaves all around. I saw Bule going across a rather springy green field and realised he found a shortcut to my house (which, in reality, is non-existent). But a moment later I saw four kids, about 10 years old, gathering around him. One jumped on his back and as he was carrying the flour and oil he couldn't defend himself. I ran as hell towards him and kicked the shit out of the kid who attacked him. Kid managed to get up and all four of them ran down the hill towards a house which had barb-wire for a fence and was rather in bad shape. One of them commented that we'll see more of their wrath as they're parentless rebellions (or something like that). I though they were talking bull and went home with Bule. Vera was already there. It was a cosy mountain cottage surrounded by snow, with a fireplace to keep us warm and barely two large tables for 4 persons each. We sat there peacefully for some time when I noticed the four rebellions coming our way. I shouted for a shotgun but everyone told me that I'm mad and will get myself killed so I asked for an axe then, and got a tomahawk. By the time I got out the kids have already gotten to the other side of the house. I think that one of them tried to shoot me, and I tried to throw tomahawk at the guy next to him. Surprisingly I shot him straight in the forehead and he fell down. Realising that I'm good, I got another one down. The other two were taken by someone else, don't know by whom but I just saw them fall. Then someone started to panic as we did assault the kids. So I got them all to get up and run home (surprisingly all of them were alive, though I'm not sure how could two kids with tomahawks in their foreheads run but hey, it was a dream!). I told Vera and Bule to get the first bus to Croatia and they'll be fine since no one will look for them there. We split and I woke up.

The other one included killing stuff as well, so did one a week ago where I had a FPS-like experience (killing dinosaurs in a hospital... crazynessss)

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