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Blessed be Google!

Published on , in Ranting
In one of previous posts of mine I ranted how pissed am I over my old host for not giving me my database dump back which led to losing some of Blah entries... A random thought crossed my mind today: let's see if they're left somewhere in Google's cache! Guess what? They were!

It might not be a big deal to you (my blog surely isn't one of the most interesting things to read) but I was thrilled to realize that things never get lost on the internet thanks to our good ol' friend Google!

Is there anyone whose life hasn't gotten easier since the invention(s) of Google?
...aside of Microsoft and Yahoo!, of course ;)


Back on track

Published on , in Ranting
I'm back and working hard.
One website is launched already (see above), two are "in progress" and two more shall come afterwards.

If you are in need for a website, you'll have to wait 'till early October as I doubt I'll finish these any time sooner.

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