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Shit and lobster

Published on , in Ranting
As you might have seen - website(s) and e-mail were dead in last 2 months (or so).
We should all thank BeigeTower for that...
OK - I don't want to be a cunt and forget all the years of free hosting they have given me, but is it THAT hard to say the truth when one asks you if the hosting will be up again?
Now I chose one of many paid-for hostings - NAThosting - and from what I've seen so far I think I've made a great choice.
The downside is that I never got my database dump back from BeigeTower (even though I asked admins a million times) and so some of my blog rantings have disappeared, as well as most of my well kept stats/visit logs. (keep fingers crossed that I get those back, eventually)

So, what have I been up to?
A lot - as always.

I've been studying a lot, traveled a bit and overall had a wonderful time. I realized all of these require posts of their own, and I promise I'll do that tomorrow.

Now, I'll keep uploading data I've got on my computer - and tomorrow the famous Cyber Leksikon will be back, though with serious lack of content, since the previously mentioned database issue.

In the meantime, why don't you check following MySpace pages, opened during the downtime of this website:



Published on , in Dreams
OK, I feel like someone has been broadcasting movies into my dreams since I've had 4-5 of them in last two nights:

Two nights ago:
The dream started in an elevator, similar to that in Eiffel Tower. I went to the corner since I realised it's going to be crowded (was empty at the time I got in). It got crowded, and some gal stood next to me. She had accidentally stepped on me, and blushed for that. The elevator went down, and we ended up in some marina, on some kind of a singles-get-dates party. I was already making progress with the lady from the elevator, and she seemed to have liked it. We got near the "welcome dear friends" stage, where the hostess matched some latino guy with that elevator gal o'mine. She looked me, a bit confused, but went for it. (morale1)
I went on by myself, and have gotten into some opera-like hallway, where lots of Blind Guardian fans were sitting together, singing and talking along. I realised it was day-before-concert "opening" party, and I joined them. After talking with some people for a while, the professor showed up. The people I've been with recognised him and greeted him. He was glad to see them, and was glad that we were mostly singing. We asked him if it bothered the concert he was going to conduct when he smiled and said that hallway we were in was made just for what we were doing - singing with good acoustics, yet not bothering people in the halls. He had to go, but we continued what we were doing.
After some time, I heard some gal singing, terribly, and someone said that she's doing an impression of Bebi Dol (Baby Doll - local pop singer of the early 90's) I was dying to see that, so I ran up the hallway - and the gal was actually good at the impersonating, though for some reason she kept her bra mispositioned, so that her boobs actually came out. Well, that's not far from Bebi Dol's style.
I decided to go to the room on the left. There, people were gathered around a TV watching Blind Guardian videos. Still, lots of single gals were around.
I sat down, started being friendly, noticed that my best friend was sitting just behind me (shook hands with him), and so on. Apparently there were two gals who were on the same wavelength as me, and we started deeep conversation, when out of nowhere a girl I wanted to be with, Marijana, "accidentally" fell over me and "accidentally" hit one of the gals with her arm. The gal commented that unless she's protecting her territory should better watch it, when Marijana made the "I'm so innocent" face. (morale2), (reference1)

Last night:
Well, these are two dreams merged together, since between them was just one walk to the toilet involved.
I was entering my elementary school's yard, and was surprised to see many older-looking kids around (reference2). After going deeper in the backyard, I saw many goth-looking people around, and was even more surprised. As I was going to the certain corner of the school, there were more and more of them, so I realised (when I got closer) that corner, actually, leads to some small goth-quart. For some reason I decided to go through. It was a bit astonishing that all of the women had red page haircuts (I don't know if 'page' is the proper word - the pulp fiction gal-like). That quart was like lots of narrow passages joined together, and on every darkened corner there were some people (which I couldn't see) mumbling something at me (the same mumbling at all of the corners). At some point, there was a street-bar where an non-goth-looking dad had a approx. 2 years old daughter with the same page haircut everyone else had, but being pink instead of red. Near the exit, I saw a friend of mine (reference3) and I waved to her, yet she didn't wave back. I mumbled something to myself how she's all bitchy when she's among her gothic friends. (somewhere about this part the first dream ends and the second starts) I sat in a chair which started moving, like an ordinary transporting vehicle. First I passed by that same friend again, and went driving forth some straight hall (like central hall of a shopping mall) at a high speed, avoiding people. After some time I realised I got inside Sava Center (business-cultural-shopping centre, just across my building) and calculated where should I drive to, so I'd get out and straight home.
I entered some huge ballroom, and did a bit of a slalom among the armchairs, but then I lost my speed drastically and stopped. I gave my piece of wood with wheels (yes, my driving chair has turned into some strange looking skateboard at some point, don't know when) to the janitor who was cleaning the room and commented how my slalom thing was not smartest move I made.
I realised that, according to my previous calculation, the door to the left would lead to the main exit so I went there. I found myself in a 1x1m room with three doors (plus the one I came through). All of the doors were leading - nowhere, so I thought that janitor was trying to kill me (or such) and I force-pushed the door I came in through. They hit the janitor, and I thought how good would it be to push them several more times upon him, to get back on that bastard. I did so, two more times. When I got out, I saw janitor confused and hurt, when I realised he wasn't up to anything. I started making excuses how I felt the door was stuck and that I got paranoid. He nodded, as he believed in the story (actually it seemed that he wanted me to believe that he swallowed the story).
I explained him about where I want to go, and he said he'll lead the way.
We went through the door on the other side of the room, and starting climbing up some grim-looking cave. When we got up, he did some strange cleaning, and was saying something to me. We needed to go back down (though it wasn't the same place when we got there) so I jumped down the hall we just climbed and realised it was a BIT deeper. At that time I knew that there was some huge spider-like creature whom I had to face if I ever wanted to get out, and while hanging of the wall I asked the janitor when to go to him. He said that spider-guy is usually tolerant 'til 17h, but that he kills everyone afterwards, though he said that he's collecting his money and always goes down at 17.30. I asked him "what about the killing part?!" to which he replied "he would know that something is wrong if I came in the tolerance time, and then he'd kill me".

Now that was some serious trippin' :)

After waking up, and falling back to sleep I dreamt of some reality show being held in open-air - at the main city square of Belgrade, and that there were some people in a pool. I thought how I never could get out the pool and take a shower on the main square, like they did. From one of the streets a strange race was about to start - it was some kind of bicycle race, but there also were lots of people who would run (?!). I stood waiting for the start, when after a gunshot I noticed that something was wrong (i.e. someone had started before, and they were getting back to place).
It became dull after a while, so I woke up.

Now, please notice that I didn't add anything up to these - they're as dreamt.
There was something more about it being winter, and me being late for uni - though I don't recall that completely.

morale1 - I've been told that I've got wrong approach with women - I tend to be their friend, and when I manage that they don't want to ruin the friendship with a relationship
morale2 - I've also been told if a gal shows low interest when offered a lot that I should go for other gals, and that would get miracles back
reference1 - The night before the dream I've talked to a friend of mine how he should give me my concert ticket already, and we were tripping the gals how the concert (BG) would be cancelled
reference2 - Yesterday was entrance exam for elementary school graduates. I saw one old-looking 15-year-old kid doing the exam in the news, so that must be related
reference3 - I was commenting this gal's pic on gayspace a day or two ago, so it must be related

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