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Published on , in Dreams
I had a really fucked up dream last night: two men in suits came to my house so we'd discuss website I'm doing for them. In the middle of conversation one started being aggressive. I shouted: "Why are you yelling at me when you're pleased with my work?!" and then he tried to attack me. I looked at the other one, and he was confused as much as I was. The crazy one tried to attack me again, but I managed to grab his arms and cross them, so he could do nothing. After a struggle, I shouted for my family who gathered around, cast a spell and the evil guy got transformed into a lanyard/keychain!!
Pissed, I started hitting the wall with the lanyard (and therefore hurting the transformed guy), but then someone of my family had stopped me as I should not kill him since even he is a lanyard, there'd be a possibility of me going to jail.
Then my father made me a special vest and attached the lanyard to the back of it, since lanyard itself seemed to be concentrate of pure evil.
I went out to some kind of forest. It seemed to be night, even though the two men came during the brightest point of the day. I don't quite recall what I did next, but I think I wanted to burry the lanyard.

Insane. I've never seen the two men (in the suits) in my actual life, but this is under the influence of two things: me writing an e-mail to an unknown guy about a certain programming job; and me cleaning my drawer and deciding I should put a lanyard I got on beer promotion to some place other, but never actually did.

This was one of my famous beer-inflicted dreams.

A couple of nights ago I had even sicker dream (though not a beer-inflicted one) in which I had a detachable penis (?!?!) that I decided not to mount since I went to military med-checkup.
That was a bit worrying in the morning...

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