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Published on , in Dreams
Last night I had two dreams, of which I can't completely recall the second one, however:
- I was at my ex's, having that her apartment was identical to mine, except for all the furniture being "mirrored" to their position in my house. We were setting the bed up for some sleep, when her freaky mother decided to come back from the trip. (The very woman tripped that I was a drug dealer the whole time I was seeing that gal... Freaky)
So, I had to be polite and friendly, even though I was going to bed.
Of course, she slept with her mother on the couch, while I slept alone (in a bed for two :D). However, when I "woke up" she was next to me, saying that her mother has gone to work, or smth.

Mind you, the whole bed thing is only for the sleeping reasons, definitely inflicted by me being tired of studying for yesterday's mega-exam.

The second one, again, had something to do with me being a microprocessor...

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