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To all ICQ users out there

Published on , in Madness
White pages and people search are usually fun stuff but please consider that there’s a great chance that I don’t want to chat with you about weather and what am I doing at the moment!

It’s gone way too far - at least one person a day is randomly ICQing me with the most retarded questions, amongst which are those whose reply can be gotten by just reading my profile. Where am I from? Read the profile! How old am I? READ THE PROFILE! What am I doing at the moment? - Do you really care if I’m sitting in my pijamas and eating a cookie or working on my seminar? No, I’m more than certain that you don’t!

It’s just terrifying how many poeple are introduced to the internet and just left there to monkey around…

And then I’m the asshole when I tell these random people to ask me propper questions if they have to or to leave me alone

The worst part is when I’m actually very busy working/studying and those random people get all edgy or pathetic.

There was this person whom started to pity me for doing my programming seminar - I mean WHAT THE FUCK?! If he/she cared a bit to read my profile, he/she’d see that “Programming” is in the “interests” box. You do the maths.

Do try to understand that I have approx. two hundred friends all around the globe whom I like chatting about bullshit with no problems, but I REALLY don’t need you typing generic stuff to me!

I don’t want to cyber you; I don’t care about your sunmetal band from Russia; unless you care, don’t ask.

If you don’t have anything useful to say, please shut up.

I’m not going to be your timewaster - I’m really sorry if you don’t have friends of your own, but one doesn’t make friends just by being boring and not knowing when to stop.


OK, I just found out that I'm psychic.

Published on , in Dreams
I had a dream before uni started about some random things among which was a girl from the uni whom I didn't know at that time but have met some days ago :o
I can't fucking beleive that I matched name, looks and the fact that she's in my uni BEFORE I even knew that someone like that exists.

And it's not the first time my dreams have come true.

Therefore, I'm even more definite on writing all of my conceptual dreams down.



Published on , in Dreams
Last night was totally random: first I got this PDA/Smartphone I was planning to buy, but it was all messed up, and my uni colegues were making fun of it.
Later on, the Caesar lost the tiarra he was given by the Gods, and had the most childish-like reaction over it ("I'll just say that I left it at home").



Published on , in Dreams
Hm, yes - two nights ago I had a somewhat S&M dream - it involved needles and pins (and sex, of course).
Uh, that one was nice :D

Last night I had one of the famous beer-inflicted dreams in which I was binary coding lots and lots of numbers (coding, then manipulating, and finally "putting" them back), and so was some girl standing next to me.
Interesting stuff is that I woke up at some point (with the heavy alcoholic aftertaste in me mouth) and that I "consciously" did the thing from the dream, to put myself back to sleep.



Published on , in Dreams
I dreamt that I dreamt that I was in Rijeka but that I was heavily sick for a week and haven't been out of the house. Then, on the last day of being there, I decided to go out and visit all my friends who live there. Then I woke up (in the dream) and I was laughing to my dream, took my cellphone and sent the contents of it to a friend living there. Then I woke up again (this time for real).

While taking a mid-nightly wizz, I was thinking of my earlier idea of parallel universes and dreams being our connection with them. That came to me since I had "recurring" dreams - not one night after another but totally randomly - some even came back after a couple of years (not the exactly same dreams but the ones that are logically a sequel to each other).

Just imagine that someone in a parallel universe might have dreamt of all those times you have a strong memory of...

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