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The human brain, part one

Published on , in Ranting
I was going back home from the faculty and for some reason I had decided to buy scratch-cards.

Whenever I’m in the mood, I decide to buy three (which is ~2€ well spent :)) so I did the same this time as well. I haven’t got a slightest idea why, but I felt as if I’m going to win something.

The most insane train of thoughts passed through my mind: if I win 500,000din (~5900€) - I’m going to keep one part for next year’s tution fee, I’m going to buy myself a 20″ iMac and I’m going to buy my mom something she always wanted but could never afford since she spent all her paycheck on me. Then the most horrifying thought crossed my mind: what if I get a Mercedes Benz? No tution fee, no iMac, no gift for mom… For that moment, that was the worst option there is (since reality was not an option).

Of course, out of all three I won exchange value of one, so I might scratch myself yet another nothing tomorrow as well… ;)

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