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Gee, have I grown old...

Published on , in Ranting
I've been glitching some code mattering the Photo Album area and ended in Solo Shots whilst testing.
Gee, have I grown old...
It's been a long time since I checked my elderly photos, so seeing myself with short(er) hair and a careless face was a strange experience. I took a couple of moments to think about the carelessnes of that time, as well as of all the "business" I had then, and couldn't but notice that it was a happy time. All I cared about was visiting concerts and getting "schedule" done for my dear female friends. Now I can't fit their schedule and currently am spending most of the time thinking of some work that should be done, earning money and similar. From status of visiting every single concert in the town, I've glitched to visiting almost none - meirly the bands I'm interested in.

Well, it has all taken its natural cause, that's for sure, but since I haven't spent much time thinking about the past, it seemed strange.

"It's all part of growing old" as our elders would say.


Growing together

Published on , in Ranting
So, I've lived with 6 other people for 17 days, and have grown to them as to a family of my own.
It's all strange now: sleeping alone in the room, having dinner alone, not waking up with 4 people whom will I spend the whole day with...

It's sad... I feel quite empty at the moment having nothing to do in paticular, and being "alone" in my own city.

I miss the activity we had there, since it's getting dull here.
I miss the clouds, since it's all gray here.
I miss seeing thunders over Rijeka, whilst having none over Lovran.

...but at least thunders have gotten sound when I came back...


Yet another fantastic summer in Croatia

Published on , in Roadtrip
Yes. it certainly has been a fantastic summer, thanks to Ružica and her family (Maja, Vera and Bule) who had provided us with everything we needed. I certainly hope that it was as interesting to them as it was to us (myself, my mate AntA and Ružica's cousin Tanja).

To keep it short, I'll just quote my cellphone's calendar entries:

06.08.2005. : Arrival (4AM), drinking, beach, other social activities
07.08.2005. : Rain, Billa, beer, funny clips, Anta gets shitfaced
08.08.2005. : RI, Trsat, centrum, Game Master, Tweety, playing cards
09.08.2005. : beach, Ruža's reherseal
10.08.2005. : RI, cont, Maja, Opatija, Ana, Linda, Nevija
11.08.2005. : running through the woods, Lovran, Tanja cooks, playing cards
12.08.2005. : Them: Medveja, Myself: visiting grandparents, Opatija, Maja, opera, Ružica and Anta getting lost
13.08.2005. : Beach/Medveja, Beach/Bosnar/drinking
14.08.2005. : Beach, Billa
15.08.2005. : Anta and myself being fascinated by Satelite TV, Anta cooks, playing cards
16.08.2005. : RI, cont, Ana, BBQ, Sofija, Opatija, t-shirt
17.08.2005. : Pula ... sucks
18.08.2005. : Opatija, souvenirs, beach, RI, cont, taco, Bard, Guinness, Kalvari, Maja's birthday
19.08.2005. : The evil people are leaving, RI, Dante, Ana, Yamaha, Gorana's place, earphones, mountain bus, running through the woods, fixing Windows
20.08.2005. : Alone, computer, Edi, gift, Ruža's show, Edi and myself getting shitfaced
21.08.2005. : Fancy dinner, As, candy, cont, Maja
22.08.2005. : Opatija, t-shirt, up the hill, Billa, RI, cont, taco, Maja, goin' home (departure at 10pm)
23.08.2005. : What a wonderful fog! Followed by wonderful pictures!

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