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Life is good.

Published on , in Ranting
When I look back upon my life and how is it treating me, I can't but notice that life is good.
How come?
Well, it wasn't more than a year ago when I haven't had idea if my family could afford my education on Computing faculty, but now I'm two days apart from officially becoming their student. I look back on the times of extreme paranoia in which I was running from bank to bank asking for loans, credits, scolarships, job, ... anything that could help me estabilsh some foundation for my projected faculty... Unfortunately that didn't help a lot, but my strong will made my parents re-organize and find some long lost money and even save some by which making my further education possible. The morale of this story is rather simple - one has to be persistent in his quest, and not to be demoralized by first obsticle he crosses in his path. If I gave up the first time my parents told me that I'm insane for thinking of going to such an expensive faculty over the "fantastic" free ones, I wouldn't be sitting here writing this.
No, I said no - I'm not going to attend a "fantastic" free faculty because I've spent 12 years of my life studying stuff I don't care about in a slightest bit, and I don't want to pretend to be studying informatics on Faculty of Organization (or any other) whilst actually studying economics and sociology. No - I'll work if I have to, I'll work for a year and not attend any faculty - it doesn't matter what will I do, as long as I'm making myself possible to study and learn stuff I'm actually going to use in my life.
That persistance persuaded my parents into taking me seriously, and I'm glad for that.

Unfortunately, many so-called intellectuals of my country still look upon my faculty as if it is yet another of those faculties where you don't do anything and get good marks because you're paying for high tution fee. This is my final message to them - I am really sorry that you can't afford quality education for your children, but don't thread on me!
Really... When I was talking to my ex-professor of chemistry about what faculty will I attend, everything was well untill I said that magical word "private faculty". Some of professors who were in the room alongside the two of us started rolling their eyes with that intelligent thought "Maah, yet another of those lazy spoiled bastards, why can't he attend normal university like all of the normal children? I finished normal university and I'm just fine"... Some of them just thought of simplified thought "Only idiots attend private faculties".
Well, yes - I am an idiot for caring what will I study. I am an idiot for wanting to get the best knowledge possible in my country. I am an idiot because I want an successfull career which will allow me to work for whom I want, in which country I want and therefore give my family everything they need whilst not living in panic like my parents used to, most of the time, in because of their bank accounts were in negative area.

That is my final message to all of you who had this judgitive attitude to my choice of high education, and if you ever re-initiate this issue once again, I'll send you the print of this mumbling via snail mail each month.

Other reasons why is life good:
This will be short(er), I promise.
I was sitting there bashing my head against the wall a week ago where and how will I find something to work at this summer since I'll be getting no more money from my parents and my needs have grown.
It was two days ago when an old friend of mine showed up offering me serious job opportunity out of the blue . I was more than glad to take it.
Why did he pick me?
Alongside the fact that we've known each other for 5 years now, we've kept our friendship meirly electronically, so, therefore, I didn't convince him over a beer to choose me. Actually, he has been monitoring my work all of the time and had noticed that I'm the person he's looking for. Of course, at this time of need I was more than happy to accept the offer.
Morale: don't ever be ashamed of your work! EVER! Don't be ashamed to present your knowledge and skills to other people, even if it looks to be in vain. This website might look as an useless piece of junk in the internet to some of you, but it got me several jobs and even several international friends!

Finally, what's to be expected to be seen on this website?
New design! Very soon!
It is a catastrophy that I haven't re-designed this website in more than 2 years (nor that I've changed the pic in the main page for over a year).
I'm planning to add several new sections, re-organize existing ones, add a lot of posts to this section (extended versions of ones posted in Finntroll forum's "Good&Bad about today") and remove some rubbish that had piled up here.
Also, some of my websites are going to be upgraded, but that might not affect you paticurally (minor glitches and optimizations).

So, to all brave fellows and gals who had actually read all of this - I'm sending the warmest greets.
Take care, and take a beer.

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