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Every day brings new disappointment

Published on , in Programming, Madness
Well not literally, but I've been surprised how things can get screwed up while you're away.
I haven't been checking my site for some time as I guessed it was running smoothly "as always", and what do I get when I decide to make a slight reconfiguration? A bit of confusion.
Now, at the moment I'm quite more confused than pissed, actually - how the hell could this happen:
I've had implemented a simple MySQL querry thingie that counted visits and clicks each day. It worked perfectly for a month or so. Now, I was reading errors on all the pages. Guessed - I screwed something up by editing the code few minutes ago, reffered to backup. The same. Logged into the MySQL phpMyAdmin and what do I see? The permanent loss of "stats" table. Why? Who the hell knows!
And in because of it, I'm sitting here expressing my confusion instead making myself something to eat!
To hell with it, jag måste laga mat!


New year and all about it

Published on , in Ranting
What was happening during the downtime of this section?
Actually: a lot.
- It had been a birthday season - approx. one birthday a day. That implied a lot of parties of which most did suck.
'Twas my birthday as well, and it was quite different than all the others (my earlier ones and those happened during the month). Possibly because it was the last one of such amount (~70 people were there that night).
Be sure to check the pics.
- I happened to be the only one that came to the Swedish class one day. That made proffesor quite pissed (1 of 6 registered students showing up), but he held the class as if all of us were present. By the end of the first month of the classes, our group officially reduced itself down to 4.
- Several days before my birthday, my father gave me Canon A75 digital camera. This means that there will be 3-4 times more photos' from where ever I go. (e.g. we took ~140 photos on that roadtrip to Novi Sad, but I would try not to make more than 36 with the standard camera). Finally I'll be able to photograph all the stuff I always wanted, but could never afford developing that amount of films... (I suppose that "Art photography" section will just pop-up soon ;))
- Very night before my birthday I decided to go to the theater. I made a mistake by doing so. That was the most stupid thing I ever watched, and I watched Kassandra and Power Rangers when I was a kid... The show was desperate try to make multimedia-show out of nothing, in a living room-like theatre with inexperienced actors. I'll try not to think of it much.
- Aside of this, the other days of the month were busy as well. Working on new issue of Hornburg, keeping the High School's website in order, giving my best to study for exams, trying to see friends I haven't seen in ages (Nina Deljanin, Mladen and Uroš were the only ones I managed to see), trying to keep the business in order (but that didn't seem to go well in because of serious lack of time), etc. That was some rough time, but as I was saying during that period "that's what you get for doing relatively nothing for three months - it has to come up some time..."
- Then came the Christmas. I put all the decorations 'round the house, but it just didn't feel right as there was no snow. Same went for the New Year's Eve - it had no spirit. However, I spent a nice night with a great deal of my friends at a home-party. However, absolutely none of us felt as if it was NYE, but as if it was just an ordinary friday night, only not being in the pub.
- Afterwards came this blessed week of freedom. I finally have had some time for everything I wanted to do, and I hope it will stay this way in the future. Had spent one afternoon playing "Baš Čelik" at Anta's place, which was fantastic (I was surprised how good the game was). Later we went to that legendary roadtrip, and had made plans for the further ones.

Overall, life's treating me good - and I think I deserve that as I always try to fulfill it propperly.
Had even heard fantastic news mattering the faculty I'm going to attend on, thus I have no worries.
I'm currently being maximally positive.

Thanks for reading, all the best in the new year!
(as I've already said on Finntroll forum "I wish you to be able to fulfill your wishes" ... damn I like to quote myself ;))


The holiday joy

Published on , in Roadtrip
Had spent the whole day out - had been in the second most beautiful city in our country with 12 of my friends (city of Novi Sad, 80-90km north of Belgrade). Had been drinking at some seriously cheap rates, had feasted on a great lunch, seen the best pubs in town, played some pool and overall had fantastic time (except for the last hour when the prick asses (native city guides - our friends from the city) had decided not to use public transport but to run 'round the city for an hour)
Unfortunately, we didn't go to the "MB" brewery as we planned to (thus we didn't get free beer)... However it ain't THAT bad.

And all of that for ~12€
(2 train tickets, 2xbeer for the train, beer in the pubs, food in the restoraunt)

The great amount of pictures from this event shall be uploaded some time soon.

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