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Jag läser svenska!

Published on , in Ranting
I've finally started the long-expected Swedish course!
It had been two classes so far, and I couldn't be more happy!
The professour is a great guy with a lot of enthusiasm and the group is more-or-less okay. Fortunately, I'm attending the course with Damyan (a friend of mine), thus I could never be bored.
As for so far, I can read propperly and say several simple sentences, such as "Jag är född i Belgrad" or "Varifrån är du?", ... "Och så vidare".
I'd have to notice that my previous angagement had served me well (learning of Siebenbürgen, Finntroll, Fejd and Burzum lyrics; as well as the time spent with "Lär dig svenska" CD), as I'm reading/speaking things we have done so far with the most ease (comparing to the others in the group).
It all seems to me like dream becoming true, thus I'm being very happy by even thinking of it :)

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