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Machina infernale

Published on , in Ranting
Nokia 6600I have finally bought myself a decent cellphone.
The moment I saw it in the magazine I knew that I would get it soon. Not more than two days had passed since.
As I'm not in the touch with the cellphone developement, I had no idea of Symbian's existance. When I read about it, I firstly thought it was just another foolishness, as Java "midlets" are, but as I was rather interested of it's real posibilities, I started googling. It didn't take long for me to realise that I was wrong. I spent whole afternoon, and a big part of the night, reading user comments on both local and international sites. None were negative. The next morning I had to read all about Symbian: support, developing, distribution, etc. Then I had finally made my mind.
I checked for all the alternatives (other Symbian based phones), and realised that there are none worth of their price (e.g. 1MP camera is something that I don't need, but it boosts the price for 200€). By the afternoon I was in the shop.

The only unfortunate thing is that I spent all the money on the phone itself, thus I'm currently collecting funds for the bluetooth adapter, with which I'll make this baby ROCK!

...goodbye Siemens C60...

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