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Oettinger Schwarzbier

Published on , in Beer, Now Drinking
labelGoddamn German people!
They wouldn't know "dark beer" if it were spilled all over their faces!
This is the last of this summer's German beer stock, and I expected it to be the plain stout, as it's labeled "Schwarzbier"... Well, it's not.
Just by pourring it to my well-earned glass, by looking at the foam I noticed that it was too carbonated. One moment later, I noticed that bottom of the glass is RED. The first thought was "it's just my luck to make hat-trick combo with three sweet beers"... Luckily it wasn't like it.
This beer has an indeed neutral taste, with a slightly small pick of sweet aftertaste. It has 4.9% vol alc. which aren't quite accented.
Overall, I wouldn't be explicit with saying that I don't like it, but I'll definitively say that I won't buy it again 'cause it's as drinking soda.


Fast beer drinking competetor

Published on , in Beer
So there was I, representing our table.
The rules were simple - drink the pint fast, and you win the prize. You must not spill any of the beer on ye chest.
But rules weren't obeyed, i.e. judges didn't follow them.
The winner had all of his chest wet, and was a half of a second faster than I was, which left me second with not a single drop on my chest nor in my beird.
Be it their way, I know I will compete again (even though it'll be the same as it was here), but I left with a nice pint, and with a great satisfactory as I took no longer than 4.5 seconds in flushing that beverage inside of me. Hail me!


Pauliner Salvator

Published on , in Beer, Now Drinking
bottle Here comes yet another disappointment.
Even though this beer is categorised as "dopplebock" (double-bock) it's not what I expected. To be honest, when I ordered it, I thought it was a "dark beer" with the bitter taste and sweet aftertaste; unfortunately it's sweet all-along, and I like my alcochol bitter.
The disappointment came with the smell that spread out quickly after opening the bottle - I sensed it will be sweet. I can't say much, but it's not as sweet as French beer are (reffering to Bazelbuth, Adel Stout and Douglas Celtic Brown which were the disappointments of the summer), so I'm managing my way to the bottom of the mug. Mattering the foam, it actually has no taste at all. It's feels as some synthetic piece of air.
But, to make a shiny point in this all nonsense, I just love it's blood-red color! It's only my "misfortune" that Leffe Radieuse was my first red beer, and it tasted bloody good (read: it was BITTER!)
Sorry for not being objective, but out of all beers that I've ever tasted - in sweet beers I cannot enjoy. I'm also sorry for the friend of mine who spent days trying to find this beer in Germany for me. I'm also sorry that I have no Guinness in the fridge as I'm lurking for some now...


Red Drak

Published on , in Beer, Now Drinking
labelGoddamn girly beer!
I was more than happy when I saw 4-pack of Red Drak and Black Drak on a gas-station while getting back from Prague (to Belgrade) and I was more than anxious how it tastes as I was a lameass to test it on last year's Beer Fest in Belgrade.
I hardly controlled myself to let it cool in the fridge, as I wanted to drink it even pee-warm.
When I opened it, I admired it's beautiful red color, which isn't rare but doesn't even exist in pubs/stores in Belgrade. There was no specific smell, and I had no idea what to expect, but what I got - I didn't like. Freakin' girly sweet beer.
So, I'm stuck with a girly beer. I couldn't finish it, as it's unbearable for me (sweet... uh) but my mom loved it, and every other female person in the region liked it.
So, I'm down to Black Drak... hope he won't disappoint me as this one did.

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