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Das Schwarze

Published on , in Beer, Now Drinking
bottleYet another German beer.
Elegant packing holds a quite strong beer. It has average 4.9% vol. alc. but it feels stronger.
Has tasty cream, and a neat smell. The aftertaste isn't quite strong as expected, which might be good if you dislike having the taste of beer long after the drinking.
Overall: nothing special, yet another good dark beer.



Jever Dark (friesisch herb)

Published on , in Beer, Now Drinking
bottleBeer, obviously, originates from Germany. It has beautiful smell as well as strong and long-lasting bitter taste. It contains somewhat standard 4.9% alcochol volume.
It should be mentioned that bottle has great elegant design.
Nothing new, just plain good dark beer.



Published on , in Ranting
While taking me out of operation theatre, they took the tube* out and started to wake me up. The first thing I know is that I'm choking to death...
No flash-backs, no life passing in front of my eyes, just desperately trying to take a breath. I was swinging my hands, even knowing that I'm not helping doctors, but I felt like if I stop doing it that I would die.
Fortunately, it ended - not sure how, not sure when, but it did. I lost most of the memory of the unpleasant feeling, but still I can recall a bit of it. (notice: memory of the feeling, not of the events).

That gave me a thought - how the hell do we know that life passes in front of our eyes before death? All the people who might experienced that had certainly died! It's called "near-death experience", and I experienced one, but nothing did flash in front of my eyes, except the faces of doctors surrounding me and trying to help me!

* tube, tubus: the part of aparature used to keep you alive during the surgery, goes inside the mouth, far deep into throat

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