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Size does matter

Published on , in Ranting
I've finally beaten my long-heared friend, Natasha, by 1cm! My 61cm-long hair has finally prevailed!
It's fantastic how fast does my hair grow, I gained 60cm in 33 months of which, more than 20cm in last 10 months. It just accelerated its growth over the last year.
And yes, in those 33months, I took only one haircut and still I have no split ends!


No mercy - no limits

Published on , in Madness
All surgeons should be castrated! All of them - with no exceptions!
After a surgery, two years ago, I started to experience some minor side-effect. It would periodically appear and disappear every month or two, and it felt no pain at all, except that it bled a little bit sometimes. I didn't mind that, but my mother decided to ask a surgeon of an opinnion. He said that it must be operated in a hurry because it may cause some major problem if it's not removed. I was far from fine, but went to an examination. I was examined by surgeon, very painfully, and he said that it should be done - but that it's not urgent; however, he sent me to some other surgeon who should do the surgery. I decided not to go that day (yesterday) but just to send mom with the results paper.
That badass surgeon decided that he must see me today and that he must do the same examination the other surgeon did day ago. It was pain in the ass (literally) and he came to the same conclusion the other one did. What did he torture me for, except for fetish - I don't know. It's not if I did the exam myself, and forged the papres - but his very colegue. If he can't trust his (very professional) colegues, then he can go fuck himself. With no excuses.
I would got over it, and decided not to write this article if pain just went away after hour or two, as it was yesterday, but as it took 4 hours, one Guinness and one painkiller, I'm forced to do this. It was either this, or go castrate him myself.
Overall, from "perfectly healthy person" to hospital sickness in just several minutes - and most of all, I don't feel like doing it anyways. Be it the way they want it to, they'll get my money, they'll keep me in the hospital for at least 2 days, and I'm sick and tired of it.
May they make me feel better, I'm so sure something else will come back as side-effect, and that it will be something much worse. evil


Pascal owns ye all!!

Published on , in Programming
I finally made my mind several days ago, and bought MS Visual C++ .NET book. I couldn't be more happy that day! Unfortunately, what I was able to experience, shocked my being.... My friends, I came to an exciting yet terrible conclusion: Pascal is the best scripting language.
I know that some of you will take this as bitch-slap in the face (as I did), but stats prove it right.
I'll present a simple program which calculates how many throws you took to get critical hit (19,20) or critical miss (1) in three scripting languages: Pascal, PHP and MS Visual C++ .NET.

Pascal: view code
PHP: view code
C++.NET: view code

Now, out of this, you would say "Well, PHP's code is the shortest one, isn't it?" - which is correct, but let's get a bit deeper into the stats:

To run PHP script you must:
- have web-server installed (Apache, IIS, PWS, ...)
- have PHP support installed for that web-server (usually: configuration of lots of files)
... which, usually, you don't ....
BUT when you have those, you don't have to compile the file - it's all done (functionality in less than 1kb)

Ok, now let's say that MS Visual C++ .NET's code is the most complex one, but there's a hidden catch, and it must be the best scripting language (for crying out loud, it's C++!). I compiled it and got 170kb EXE file which runs in command prompt. Okay. I distributed it to several persons having different versions of Windows (98, XP pro, Me) - and all of them got different kind of error.

Now I got pissed and compiled Pascal variant. I got 3kb EXE file which runs in command prompt, on all OS'es from MS Dos to Windows XP.
What do you think of that?

If you don't believe me, here are the examples:
Download Pascal Variant;
Download MS Visual C++ .NET Variant; (zipped to 66kb)
Run PHP variant (if you want to run it on your own server, copy-paste the code shown above)

And so. If you get the MS Visual C++ .NET variant running, please leave a comment to enlighten me. Also, take a note if you have ".NET framework" installed or not.

What to say except 'Pascal owns ye all' .... but still I like PHP the most ;)


The insanity unleashed

Published on , in Ranting
It's been quite a time since I decided to start writing a web-journal of some sort.
Of course, due to my attitude, I wanted to develop my own system just to be different from others, and to say "No, it's not a Blog, it's Blah". As you may see, I didn't stand up to my principles as it would have taken whole eternity to build something like this, thus I said 'why reinvent the wheel' as well as one 'what the hell', and your worst nightmares are here.
It'll take some time until I adjust it to be the way I want it to, but be patient - it'll be worth it.

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